I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lavender Sky, Violet Ocean

Midsummer. July is drawing to its end---midsummer as we know it, is here.

A sunset walk. So peaceful on a cool quiet evening...

All stresses and worries float away with the peachy pink and lavender clouds.



Stripey stopped by at dusk! He is not thrilled with our new addition Mo and waits til it's dark for his dinner each night. When I go out to look for him, the darkened hydrangeas are magically lit up with lightning bugs---fireflies. Childhood memories, glowing in the warm summer night.

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful week.



gone to the beach....



  1. Beautiful! We walked in Naples last night at sunset and I commented on how pink our clouds were! It was a lovely evening. Lots of doggies out for their evening walk, a pug included.

    Thought of your Stripey yesterday. I planted a tomato plant that is called Mr. Stripey. Is that a photo? of the kitty, or what? Hopefully Mo won't put him off for much longer.

    Can you believe we're talking about it being mid-summer...already. Cripes, time is flying.


    1. Love your Mr Stripey Tomato! Isn t it late for planting?

      Yes that's my Stripey in the photo. He doesnt like all the yelling Here MO! Fetch MO etc. But he likes his dinner,lol.

    2. Yes, it's late for planting...I am a procrastinator of the highest magnitude. On the up side, we have very long growing seasons here so maybe I'll get a crop, or a handful, whatever.

    3. I hope you get lots of Mr Stripey tomatoes. You must let me know. They re still selling tomato plants here too, we also have a long growing seson. But I don t grow them bec the wind and salt make the skins very tough. As for planting late, I just put in a batch of sweet pea seeds, on sale for 89 cents an envelope. I am hopeing for an october growth/ flowering. Who knows, can t hurt to try.

    4. Oh I love the sweet peas--good luck, and I agree, can't hurt to try!


  2. I call those colors of clouds 'cotton candy clouds' - here they're usually the fluffy kind, but colored the same from the sunset (I'll send you a pic). I'm glad Stripey isn't so worried about Mo that he stays away entirely! Hopefully he'll figure out Mo wouldn't hurt him. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

    1. I love ''cotton candy clouds"---we call the big towering cumulus? pink and gold clouds Angel Clouds. But these were so wispy, just like cotton candy.


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