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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, America!

I love this summer holiday!

I collect little inexpensive flags.


I put them everywhere, such a fun and easy way to celebrate!






flag with lemon lily, lavender
and blue nigella from Mel!

Indoors too...

And here's my flag pillow.

My folkart wooden deck flag.

With shell strings.

This is my Fourth of July quilt, or Star and Stripes quilt:

I dig it out every July. You can see it needs to be aired and the creases shaken out!

It is an unassuming country quilt, with no batting and only enough quilting to hold the layers together. The binding is very interesting though, it is made from strips of woven garment labels [click to enlarge]. I've never seen another quilt bound in this way. I treasure this quilt, simple though it is, for its patriotic charm and folky appeal.
garment labels binding
Have a wonderful holiday! Let's hope for sunny skies and fireworks and hotdogs and ice cream! Friends, family, and fun. Happy Birthday, USA!

***We woke up today to grey skies, blustery winds, torrential rains and empty beaches! Mo took one look at the rain and went back to sleep but it's my kind of day, so I'm off to the beach for my walk. Clearing later, for BBQ, we hope.



gone to the beach....

Caught on camera! The culprit!

For Mel: Is this a geranium/ cranesbill sprout? Or cat mint?



  1. Oh, when I saw all of your photos, I thought you were having beautiful weather! I hope it cleared up long enough for festivities.

    All of your flowers and flags are so festive, and you know I love that folk art flag.

    I'm going to jump in and say that it looks like cat mint to me??

    Oh that little monkey, caught in the act indeed!

    Our day started with breakfast at a favorite café, then a walk around Naples where we saw a bunny that had to weigh close to 20lbs, it was huge. Swimming in the afternoon and then up on the roof of the house to watch fireworks. A good day.


    1. Your holiday sounds perfect! Especially fireworks from the roof, how fun! We could see two wonderful fireworks displays waaay out over the ocean, perhaps from the Jersey Shore, as my beach and house face south.

      No the photos were taken on Thursday, before "H Arthur" arrived. But it was like that again today, perfect.

      I don t mind if the little sprout is catmint, but I m sad that the cranesbill didn t seem to grow.....

  2. I agree that the sprout is probably catmint, which is also pretty if it's like the variety I used to grow (it was a victim of the basement fix). And I love the lilies and all the little flags! And I love the stars & stripes quilt, too. So, is Mo wanting to use your shoe as a chew-toy? Maybe he needs a chew-bone? LOL! Pets can be so ornery! Hope you had a good day!

    1. Catmint it must be, from last year. Funny how slowly things germinate here, like the Sweet William also. The lilies look good after the icy winter! I am surprised they survived.

      Mo loves my shoes and esp my Crocs. He doesn t seem to harm them, his teeth are too tiny? But he tries. And---as if he doesn t have many chew toys of his own! But like you said with cats, pets choose their toys and beds, and it may not be the same thing as we want them to choose.


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