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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blowsy Roses in a Cobalt Jug

Hi! The markets here have been selling what they call ''field roses"---such a sweet old-fashioned seaside summer flower.

The bunches are mixed colors and very inexpensive, about 5 or 6 dollars a dozen. And unlike fancy long-stemmed Valentines roses, these open up into tiny colorful cabbage-y blooms.


I love them in my big old cobalt Bennington jug.  It takes a lot of flowers to fill this guy, so I don't get to use it often.



They last a long time. I snipped the final buds and tucked them into a lavender Mason jar.

So pretty. And no, they have no scent. Too bad. I love them anyway.....




gone to the beach





  1. Roses are always lovely but I have my eye on your table cloth - Mmm - nice.

    1. The table runner is made from India hand blocked cotton dishtowels. They were a gift and much too pretty for drying dishes!

  2. The roses are beautiful! I especially like the pink and pink & white ones. Of course in person I'd prefer they smelled like roses, too, LOL.

    The rippled sand is lo cool looking! That would make a pretty print for quilt fabric, wouldn't it?

    1. Maybe I just can t smell the roses.

  3. Pretty blue jug, and pretty flowers. It is too bad there is no scent, but it doesn't make them any less pretty. What a cool Mason jar, I remember you posting something about it before, but can't recall what it was.

    Looks like your weather is good?

    Happy weekend, --Kel

    1. The waether is gorgeous! But for me it is too cold to swim, I like hit hot when I come out of the water. Nice for eveing alwaking tho.

      The lavender canning jar [I shouldn t call it a mason jar as it is older and not marked]. is I think so pretty! Glass turns lavender from a chemical used prior to 1911, mqngqnese. It wasused to clarify the glass instaed of using lead. Doscontinued when it was realized the colors changed to purple, now prized. I think the chemical was also unavailable due to it s use in WW1 armaments or something.


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