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Monday, June 9, 2014

Look Who's Here! Mo the Pug has arrived

Hi everyone! Guess who is here! Meet Mo the baby pug.

Mo flew here all the way from California. Alone! So brave.

 He came last night on a United Airlines PetSafe flight. They did a great job and his long scary journey seemed to have gone well.

Mo  arrived an hour late, on Sunday night. We're lucky we found the cargo depot, amidst a huge industrial section of  JFK airport, deserted on a Sunday night.Here are a few of his photos as a teeny tiny baby, then an 8 week old big boy, ready to come to his forever home.

one week, with his brothers

four weeks old

8 weeks old

He is settling in beautifully.




 You can see how tiny he is in some of these shots. He is 10 weeks old.




(I'm exhausted, what a little bundle of energy Mo is!)



gone to the beach


baby pix courtesy of Vicki at Black Mountain Bulldogs and Pugs


  1. What a beautiful furry baby. Please pass along hugs and kisses to him.


  2. Oh my stars...how will you get anything done with that cutie pie in the house. Congrats, and thanks for sharing.


  3. Ah, the innocent little face : )

  4. Mo, not Killer??? He's adorable. he looks very much at home.

  5. He's so cute! I still think pugs look vaguely worried with all those forehead wrinkles, LOL.

    (Wanda - I tried to convince Lizzy that "Mo" was short for "MoFo" which would be sort of like 'Killer' -- but she just laughed...)

    Take care, and nap/rest when Mo does! Just like a baby person, he'll run you ragged for a while!

  6. What a precious addition to your family.
    Congratulations - take a few naps!

  7. He is absolutely adorable. I know he will bring great joy to you and your family. My daughter has a black pug and he is the light in her life. Im sure Mo will be that as well...

  8. Precious! What a little blessing. Enjoy each moment. Hugs, Strawberry Sue

  9. Many thanks and puggy hugs to everyone for giving Mo such a sweet warm welcome!


  10. Congrats on your new addition! I'm sure he has added some joy to your household.


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