I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 2, 2014

Beach Roses and Honeysuckle

Hello! This weekend was glorious, in a chilly sort of way. The sun was bright and the roses and honeysuckle burst into bloom on the dunes. Oh the scent! Salt air and flowers! Take a deep breath...

I wish I could send it to you over the blog-waves.

No fancy French perfume smells as delicious as a June afternoon at the beach, when the dunes are filled with roses and honeysuckle and wild sweet pea.

The bumblebees are drunk with pleasure.

The white roses are much rarer, this is the only white beach rose on my dunes. Behind this dune is the cache of recycled Christmas trees which is building the dune higher and wider.



Out by the shoreline, the oystercatchers patiently await the birth of their babies.

mama on the nest, far left edge.
Daddy on guard on right.

 Closer looks, but taken from a distance so not to distress them.



And look what self-seeded in my deck planter. What is this pretty weed? I thought it was ragweed, I am glad I didn't pull it out, but waited. Maybe Sweet William?

A fine day. Hope you had a good day too.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~gone to the beach.




  1. Looks like sweet william to me. Love the beach roses. I have some very similar planted in the front of my house because they are hardy and can handle my zone.

    1. The roses must be hardy, they survived the hurricane flood and came back better than ever! [It was scary seeing the ocean sweep over that high dune!)

  2. I wish you could bottle the scent and send me some, LOL. Sounds wonderful, even the 'cool' part! Did you get a new camera? Your distance bird pics are very clear and sharp, very nice.

    Pretty sure that is a Sweet William, they reseed very easily, small almost round black seeds. If you don't want seed, it will bloom a little longer if you snip off the faded flowers - more will come out from the next leaf joint down, but they'll be smaller. I usually just leave mine alone until they're dry, then shake the seeds out back into the flower bed. One year we had a really windy day and my whole front patio was covered with drifts of little black seeds!

    I like the black speckled rock, too!

    1. We call those speckled Cape Cod granite rocks [glacier rocks] ''frog rocks'', not sure why.

      My camera just had a good day, I guess.. And I photoshopped out all the dings ans scratches on the lens/

      Sweet William it is! I hope it reseeds.


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