I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pretty Things

Hi! So tell me, how do you feel about elephant gray? Monkey brown? A few years ago I was reading a ''mommy blog'' [I have NO clue why!] and the young woman blogger described her future baby's ''perfect layette'': cashmere hand knits! The colors she loved were Elephant grey and monkey brown! LOL?

Tres chic? So cool? But kinda takes the fun out of it all.
However I do keep an eye on trends, a leftover habit from my designing days. I noted that my friends are redoing their cottage here---all in shades of gray. My kids wear almost only grey [''or black, or dark wash denim, mom!", my last four cars have been grey...you get the picture. Gray / grey is the new black.

gray boardwalk, blue stucco wall

For my etsy shop for spring and summer, I have made quite a few ocean / coastal/ sea shore grey items.

 I do love gray and white polka dots! And these new paper roses.

Starfish and dandelion puffs! Very cute!


 I am also doing square and rectangular sachets, in lemon verbena/ lemon balm, as well as lavender. For people who find my hearts too frilly. And/ or do not care for the scent of lavender.

"chic gifts for the modern woman" I laugh but these do make wonderful hostess gifts, teacher gifts, party favors...and so on.

Squares are modern, chic.

I also made neutral muslin sachets, very natural and organic. Handstamped.


If you love my white hearts, no worries! I'll be doing a group of them before I skeeve off to the beach  for the summer.


I also am adding some beachy items, including my special beach gatherings and treasures, below.

What's your favorite summer color? (mine is maybe white....)

 Gray, white, blue (lemon yellow, tangerine!) but ...no monkey brown. Ever.



gone to the beach

\wet sand = gray

mother of pearl grey sunset, from M

all photos are by me except the beautiful sunset, which is from my friend M, thanks, M!
PS I looked it up! Grey is UK English, Gray is US English, though either is correct. Grey with an e looks right to me, I must be reading too many English mysteries....


  1. Ironically, I have every color imaginable around me here at home, except gray. :) All of your sachets are so pretty -- lovely fabrics and colors. I have zero sewing skills and my crochet work will never be perfect. Everyone has their own thing they are good at. I tried knitting and it made no sense to me at all. I'm sure if you stick with it, your crochet will come alone. :) Have a great day. Tammy

    1. It 's funny how some peole crochet, some knit---but hardly anyone does both. I am gonna try to learn crochet tho, I love how it looks.

  2. I have to admit, I like gray. I find myself wearing a lot of gray BUT a lot of that is because the clothes I like that fit come in Black (too hot for summer), really BRIGHT colors (make me look ill), and gray. So usually gray wins. But my favorite colors are mossy greens, pale spring pinks, blues like slate and blue flax, lavenders, and gray like stones.

    My sister painted one of her houses all 'architectural gray' which meant like cement, but then she used colors in the furniture, pillows, and drapes and it worked out nicely. I think I'd like gray carpet, as the colors I like don't usually go well with the browns and creams most carpets seem to be.

    Oh, and just so all your readers will know -- The LEMON sachet pillows are WONDERFUL!! They smell summery and fresh!

    1. I m so happy you love your lemon balm pillows! Thanks for telling me, you were my test person, remember?

  3. I would have to say my fav summer color is green. I see enough brown and gray during the winter...LOL But I do adore those colors in winter. :) Kit

  4. Gotta go with a crisp clean white, though in general I do dig grey. Your new hearts and sachets are so pretty, you're tempting me! Beautiful sunset photo M.


    1. I love the idea of a nice fog grey and crispy white [like walls and moldings?] but the light here is very intense and so far I ve never been able to make grey look good. The interior of my parents' house was always painted "Nantucket Gray" but they too had southern exposure ocean light and the walls just looked white to me and everyone else except mom and dad.
      Not sure I could dress a newborn only in grey though. That seems a bit, well, sad? Too chic?

  5. Painted our bedroom 'porpoise grey' and I really like it--but it is south facing, so it works. I agree, newborns and grey? Maybe not.--Kel

  6. "porpoise grey'' sounds pretty.
    Lovely and relaxing in a bedroom. But I better stick to my bright white.


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