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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lavender - Farmer's Market

Hi! May is fickle here at the beach---and probably by you too, though I remember many long hot sunny Mays in southern Ohio while we waited for school to finally end. Sunday at the flea market the temps were in the 80s! Delightfully soft spring breeze but hot.
Today the sky just heaved a big sigh and whimpered "November, right? It IS November?"  Beyond ''mackeral sky", instead pewter grey doldrum overcast, looked like it was gonna pour all day. And cold. brrrr.

My farmers market however was fun! Spring flowers and produce actually prefer a cool wet day.
The herb vendor was back...

How could I resist! I got one  of each in honor of today's Flower Full Moon.*

Spanish lavender in two shades, like fat purple bumble bees. I'll try them in my deck planters, though I don't think they will re-bloom this year.


My friend got one of these darling topiaries. Greek basil. It might not survive on my deck, but her house is more sheltered.

This week I focused on the cheese vendors.

I chose multi-seed little breads from Bread Alone. I slice them for my cheese platters; rolls like these are more economical than a big loaf of bread.
The cheeses: an alpine cows' milk cheese, on the left. Aged mozzarella, sciamorza, on the right. I can't wait to try the new cheese seller's other cheeses! He was very friendly and proud of his selection, which included both sheeps' milk cheese and cows' milk cheese. The aged mozzarella is from my Brooklyn guy who brings delicacies from my old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I love cheese, especially handmade artisan cheeses, though I admit I shopped with this deluded fantasy of sitting out with a glass of wine and today's finds, with friends, watching the spring full moon, the Flower Moon!--- rise over the water. [only if we wore our winter parkas,lol.]

I also love the Brooklyn pasta-n-cheese guy's handmade noodles. I chose perciatelli this week. They are like fat spaghetti with a hole in the middle, or long slender tubes. I plan to use them  for a pasta primavera later in the week: pancetta, spring peas, asparagus, shaved asiago and parm. A little lemon or white wine, a splash of cream... Mmmm!

*Flower Full Moon: May full moon. Also indicates last late frost date in most of the US. I always thought this was the Herring Moon, as it is when the herring return to spawn in the creeks of Cape Cod. Maybe it's a local tradition.....Paine's Creek Brewster MA herring run

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  1. Oooo, the lavender is so pretty. I've never seen it with the lighter colored tips, is it lighter purple, or pink, or white? Anywho, I can see why you bought it. The topiary is pretty cute too.

    And really, does it get any better than bread and cheese...maybe the weather will cooperate today or Friday for you and your friends to sit outside and enjoy it.

    It's stupid hot here, I wouldn't mind having some of your weather right now.



    1. Be careful what you wish for, weatherwise,lol! It is maybe 50* here, fog and very windy! Hard to believe Memorial Day---summer's start! is just next week.

      The lavender is Spanish lav not French. The little tops are pale lilac or pale pinky , well, lavender and the man buds are much darker. I did find cool white lavender on Pinterest:
      http://www.pinterest.com/pin/265149496786287178/ but I have nevr seen it in person.

  2. I have never heard the term "Flower Full Moon" for the May full moon. I love learning new things like this.
    The bread and cheese looks so good. Two of my favorite things. I think I need to bake some bread today, it has been awhile. Baking bread is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen.
    Have a great day.

    1. Oh I haven t baked bread in ages. I miss my bread machine. But if it satys so cold and foggy I might make the cauliflower chowder I found on Pinterest annd bake some bread. Yum.

      I love the Moon names! Next month is the Strawberry Moon. I must get some sewing strawberries made to celebrate.

      have a good weekend!

  3. We went from 100 degrees last week, to the highs in the 60s this week (and a frost advisory tonight!). Crazy crazy weather!! I sure hope the weather isn't like this all year!

    The lavender sure is nice. The kind I grew was NOT that pretty!

    Full moon names - I've only heard a few of these...http://www.farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-names/.

    1. I m getting to like the cold weather! I m not sure I am up for 95* days and all that hot sun. On the other hand today it was so cold I couldn t bear to go out in the wind to plant my seeds from you, or the lavender.

      My mother loved to walk at night and taught us about the moon's names and how to see the constellations and find the planets. I loved that.

  4. You've got "fickle" weather and my oldest son who is at college in Colorado says that mountain weather is bipolar. They were still getting snow up until a couple of weeks ago. I think that's finally over, though it still does get chilly. Here, we are already over 100 every day. The lavender is lovely. Too bad you couldn't enjoy all your goodies with a glass of wine outside. Sounds divine. Best wishes, Tammy


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