I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flea Market Update May


OMG! I had to come home and tell you guys....

Remember the little blue painted  PA blanket chest I loved last week? Look what this guy did to it!!! He KILLED it!

It was so adorable, old chalky dark blue paint: like my boxes!

...and my big chest/ trunk, purchased many years ago in PA. Yeah it's got chips, but look at this original blue blue blue paint!

The little blue flea market chest was also painted chippy tan inside; it had its original clunky key tied with a bit of calico rag.
 It was sooo perfect.
I *told* the guy I was gonna come back for it today. No, no deposit, and we hadn't bargained the price exactly. But he knew I wanted it. I had the entire 200 dollars even in my pocket today.

I imagined it  layered over my big blue chest, to look like this [and hide my copy paper etc]:


I didn't see it when I got there today. Then, on my second circuit, this abomination caught my eye. "Is it...? How could it be...?"
I carefully examined it: yep, the scalloped tin edging, the big dovetails, the hobnail and cut tin sunbursts.

But where was the glorious blue paint?

It made me sick. I wanted to cry. It now looks like a cheap c.1985 humidor for holding fake Cuban cigars. It is so bad---shellac?---that it now has zero value, ZERO. I'd think twice before I took it home from the dumpster if it was free. It would be hard to even repaint it now, with the heavy coat of shellac. And he sanded the patina of the tin trim.


I also found the pretty seashell sewing basket again. The woman was firm at 20.oo. The shells are loose, it isn't worth 20.oo---and I was just too sad to buy it, or anything else.

 The good news is I have two of my doll quilts listed now on both etsy and eBay, whichever someone might prefer, if interested.

And the thrift shop had goodies, I have to return in day or two when I 've recovered from paint-stripping shock.



gone to the beach...


look! Gully is here! Upper left


  1. OHHHH NOOOO! I'm so sad for you. I'm so sad for the chest...eeeek. That one's gonna hurt for awhile. I hope your return trip to the thrift store is less traumatic. Let us know what you bring home.

    Hello Gully!


  2. I hope I don t have to see it every week sitting there all naked and ugly. Poor baby. Never in a zillion years would I imagine he'd strip the beautiful old paint. How ignorant!

  3. It was kind of dumb for him to strip the chest if he already knew you were coming back for it! Even if he wasn't 100% sure you'd be there this week it would have made more sense for him to wait and see before he messed with it. I guess it takes all kinds.

    Don't wait too long to go back for your thrift store treasures!

    I'm glad to see Gully is back. I'm hoping you'll get more pictures of your little finch friend, too.

  4. Egads! What a horrid thing to do! It would make me want to cry, too.

    1. I know! And it was still there yesterday in all its awful brown shiny glory. Ick. So sad.


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