I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Migraine Weather

 the wind bends the grasses almost horizontal!
waves are huge

Hi! Oh yes, stormy weather here today! And I know some of you had heavy rain and even snow! Here at the beach we're experiencing gale winds of perhaps 45+ mph, full moon flooding, eclipse gloom and doom. And yesterday was so pretty!

My friend and I ran out to the flower store. Brilliant sunshine, high pressure but so windy my house was shaking and her SUV was swaying. A headache threatened. Having migraines is like having a built in barometer [but more painful.]. When air pressure is high but a very low storm pressure is looming on the horizon, the pain can be intense. I'd had a migraine since Friday! Yeesh. A storm is coming!


By midnight yesterday, the wind had died and dense fog rolled in. The eclipse was not visible. I was very sad. The good news was my headache left along with the clear skies.
Today...oh the wind! It was back. The vibration of wind kept waking me up.
I dressed in waterproof clothes and headed to the beach, of course.

The new dunes are blowing away.

Maybe the treasures in the dredged sand will be exposed?

The very high tide plus gale winds from the south had caused waves to wash all the way to the highest old dunes, sweeping aside and through...over? ---the newly re-created outer dunes of the past two winters.

[not the man-made trucker dunes, they're just kinda blowing away.]

 I tried to capture the wind with my camera during my abbreviated beach walk.



I gt about this far and the wind was blowing me backwards. It got a little scary!

Back home I made my Easter ''basket'' with my flowers from the flower market. I used a crock instead of a thrift shop basket because I didn't want it to sail away in the wind.
I had to photograph it  inside because of the wind. Then I put it outside by my front door because it wouldn't survive  on my deck in the storm.

I figured if I had extra pansies I'd plant them in my deck planters, but I can't even open the deck door, the wind is forcing it shut.

So I stuck them into a little old yellow McCoy planter for a few days til things calm down outside,lol.

Last weather note: I ll have to bring the flowers inside later! Freeze warnings now...can you imagine. What a winter this has been....

my Easter Basket
inspiration basket from last month's flower show.
 But the stores here have no bulb plants available, Easter is so late.
so I tried for the general look.
I also didn't have any moss so I used Easter grass instead.
I'll remove it after Easter then transplant the flowers in a week or so.

 My kids say they're too old for Easter baskets, so I make my own. And I always fill a big Mason jar with pastel sugar coated Cadbury chocolate eggs.  My mom always set out her brilliant yellow silk forsythia wreath, on her Cape Cod blue door;  my dad made Easter baskets very similar to mine, in found baskets from the [freebie] swap shop at the Dump...and they always sent me a bag of foil wrapped little chocoltae eggs. [I am NEVER too old!] How about you? Do you enjoy making Easter Baskets? Or putting out some spring decor? What's on the menu for this week's holidays, anything special? I'll tell you about Easter dinner plans in my next post.



gone to the beach


  1. I love Easter baskets. It always makes me think about our son when he was young. He didn't eat candy, so his Easter basket was full of "things." They really added up and some years I wished that he -would- eat sweets.

    Your flowers are beautiful. I planted globe amaranth and pansies in front of work. The wind is blowing so hard that it's about to uproot the small pansy that first to stand up to the wind.

    The best part about reaching menopause was that my migraines stopped. I still can tell when I would have had one. (A slight aura, but nothing like I used to get.) I'm thankful every time that the pain doesn't come.

    Guess I'd better get going again. As always, thank you for your lovely post.


    1. I hope your flowers survived! Mine look fine, so far...

  2. I love Easter baskets! Yours is gorgeous!

  3. Crazy weather indeed. I can definitely see how windy it was. I also get migraines when the barometric pressure changes. Easter was always a big family affair when I was growing up. And my brother and I always woke up Easter morning to find that the Easter bunny had left a basket at the foot of our bed. When my boys were little, we did things with friends and I always made little baskets, but now that the oldest is away at college and my youngest is 15-1/2, there's no reason to really do baskets. I should crochet a few things as gifts for children of friends, but have been busy doing all sorts of other stuff. :) Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

    1. Oh I loved finding my Easter basket. My parents could never explain how or why the Bunny hid the eggs we'd dyed though,lol. It was a mystery. I also loved getting a pretty dress or new shoes....

  4. Your beach looked pretty scary during the eclipse and all the wind! I'm pretty sure I would not have gone out with the wind blowing so hard - even in Kansas where it's always BLOWING. Fighting the wind wears you out!

    It's no fun having a weather-head. I don't get migraines as often as I used to, thankfully (and maybe Hunter is right, I never though of it being menopause, LOL) but I do still get one occasionally. Just often enough to make me thankful I don't get them more often! :)

    I remember Easter egg hunts when I was very young, but when my older brothers left home we sort of stopped - I think they did most of the 'hiding' for my mom. When my girls were little they were only interested in the baskets a couple years. Ah, the modern generation -- they grow up too fast. We don't do anything now. I love your 'basket' though - bright and spring-hopeful.

    I hope your weather settles down soon! I *REALLY* hope the whole year does not go this way!

    1. Hi! Today it is still windy but such a beautiful day! I was so busy looking at the birds w/ my binoculars that I got swamped up to the knees by a big icy wave! MUST be more careful. I don t want to get washed away.

  5. Did the wind stop yet? Hope so. Feeling better? Hope so. Aww, I feel bad, but I laughed when I read that a wave got you while you were bird watching--that won't happen again!

    Had a good view of the eclipse here, stayed up way late to keep going outside to look at it. Neighbors were out too, so it was nice sharing it with them.

    Your Easter Crock turned out really cute, you did good. I especially like the happy pansies in the happy yellow pot.

    Never too old for Easter baskets or Easter Egg dying at our house. Not hosting Easter at our house this year--yay, don't have to clean! My former sister-in-law is having us to her new house. I'm bringing dessert, but haven't decided yet what that will be. Might make some Sangria to take too. Any dessert ideas would be appreciated.

    Happy Easter to you--


  6. Wind is gone, headache is gone. Yay!

    Desserts: Lemon bars [from a mix] are always pretty and people love them.

    Cupcakes with pastel frosting & sprinkles.

    A fave of mine all from mix! Bundt cake any flavor. Reverse onto a pretty plate that is about 2" larger. Drizzle with white sugar glaze (gently warm white jar frosting, add a bit of flavoring, maybe a drop of yellow food coloring?). Edge with green coconut ''grass" (put cc in baggie, drop or 2 of green food color, shake.). Sprinkle more grass in center hole. Surround the edges with Peeps bunnies and chickies, stick them on with more frosting. Fill the center hole with foil wrapped little choccie eggs. Easy and so adorable, result is basically just a nice cake.

    When I make box cakes I sub sour cream or yogurt for part of the liquid and I add vanilla or other flavored extracts.

    I suppose if you want it to be sophisticated you could do it all neutral colors, no green coloring in your grass, and garnish it with strawberries , kiwi etc. around the edges. Maybe bring the fruit and add at dinnertime?

    happy easter!

    1. Oh I like the way you think...maybe I'll marry a couple of your ideas. Coconut cupcakes with colored coconut on top, and maybe stick toothpicks into peeps and plop those on top too. Good stuff, THANK YOU!!


    2. Cute! Perfect idea. Maybe add a few jelly beans with the Peeps for extra color and cuteness. If you send me a photo I ll show everyone. :-) Happy Easter

      PS Much as I love cupcakes, a cake is a lot less work.....maybe hard to transport tho?

  7. You DO have a point about a cake being less work...
    Do you sub with yogurt or sour cream because it makes the cake more moist, or for less sweetness, or just healthier?

    1. ooops. answered in next comment, below.

  8. Moister. Denser. I plop the sour cream in a measuring cup and add water or OJ to total measurement. DO NOT use just s c or yogurt, make it about half water, half whatever. Mayo works too.


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