I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Flea Market


Hi guys! A mini Sunday post here. Gorgeous weather and I wish I could tell you/ show you the oh so amazing treasures I found at the flea market and thrift shop today.
But no. "Dregs of granny's garage sale" was what we were offered.
This is the market at the Long Island Railroad train station. I've mentioned before that it is so urban and charmless.

Plenty of parking though?

Just a few finds: nature collectors style booth.

 I kinda wanted the big jar of wooden eggs

but I just treated myself to a dozen fancy real / blown eggs from Naked Eggs This is their etsy shop saying: ''they may not look "green" (well, most of them don't!) but they are as natural as we can get them...after all, they're Bare Naked Eggies!! ''

Had to have a doz!

Back at the flea: Carousel horses...

Really nice seashell encrusted large sewing basket.

I have no idea why I didn't buy this gem. Maybe next time.

There were lots of modern flea booths: dental tools? eew. Regular tools. Socks and
granny panty undies. New but destined for granny's garage sale junk jewelry. And a young family with scarves and purses.
I bought myself a brilliant yellow leather flower wristie. [small purse with a wrist loop]

Why did I choose YELLOW? I have no idea. They had turquoise, purple, white, black, green...Orange!---but I loved the yellow. So Not Me that I am hoping it will look spring time-y and go with everything? I won't use the shulder strap.

Also  my current Coach wristie is black, as is my car interior and when I have tossed it on the back seat floor I can never see it. Hence I am constantly horrified that it is maybe lost!? Oh No! Yellow should solve that problem.

$12.oo. So adorable.

Meanwhile back at the beach, my kids found loads of seaglass. They never leave any for me. [she whined.] And two quarters, big money find.

Last, from a good friend, to make us all envious yet hopeful, a video of the stunningly beautiful beach on Sanibel Island, Florida. (I'm not much of a traveller, but this is my number one bucket list destination, along with a summer in Provence...)

 Hope your weekend was wonderful! Did you get out to the garden store or the flea market? Yard sales season yet? Tell me what you found?

I ll show you the antique fabric in a day or two.



gone to the beach


my mother called sparkly ocean like this
the Sequin Sea...


  1. WOW! LOTS of seaglass!

    Definitely should get the seashell sewing basket, it would fit right in with your décor and be a good place to stash your current sewing pieces. I love the flower wristie, too. I started favoring brighter colors for wallets, etc, for the same reasons - most purse linings and new car interiors are dark and makes black wallets VERY hard to find in low light! Plus the flower just makes you want to smile.

    I like your mom's name for the sparkly ocean. Good name!

  2. I think I was picturing that seashells basket getting all dusty-sandy,lol. It was so pristine, it must have been wrapped and stored somehow. I hope it s still there next week!

  3. What fun. And that seaglass! What do you do with the ones with the sharper edges? Someone gave me some and I don't know what to do with it.

    I love that yellow wristie. My purse lining is black and I thought I lost my black wallet because it blended right in. I'll be joining the colorful wallet team. LOL.

    Take care and thanks for sharing your fun.


  4. Hi Hunter! I usually throw the sharp-edged seaglass back in the ocean, except during the summer when someone could step on it. Then I toss it into the high dry dunes or the trash bin. My kids love a "BIG haul" and bring home any glass that has a nice color, even if it's not "not done yet."

    lizzy [robin]

  5. The yellow wristie is darn cute. It'll make you happy whenever you see it, I'm sure. I have to agree that the flea market seemed to be lacking in charm. Still, seemed like a fun day.

    I'd also like to make it to Sanibel Island someday, must be from reading Randy Wayne White.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. LOL. Yeah, greater NYC is a little [a lot] short on charm. But fun.

      Oh I LOVE Randy Wayne White, did you read his newest book? But I want to visit Sanibel for the beachcombing and shell findings...and pale turquoise water. [I hope someday I don t get there and whine about the ''narrow beach'' ? and ''too many tourists"...lol. Just a little spoiled here....]

    2. Hi Liz, I think the last RRW book I read was 'Night Moves', probably sometime last year. Is there a newer one? Probably is by this time. So, for sure the beachcombing on Sanibel, and yes the water too. Always like when I'm standing in water up to my chin and can still look down and see my feet!

      And yes, the trouble with going to places on your bucket list is that sometimes they don't measure up to your dreams. You seem to have a pretty good thing going where you live-it would be a hard act to follow.

      Oh, again, I don't know nothin' bout quilting, but I do LOVE the velvets you have pictured on your new post.


    3. the new RWW is came out in March. "Bone Deep" I enjoyed it but then I always enjoy a visit with Doc and Tomlinson and everyone....


    4. THANKS! I'll check it out.



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