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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Doll Quilt Swap

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Hi! "What's a doll quilt swap?" you ask---
Well. This was just the most fun project!
Organized by Lori of Humble Quilts blog for all her fans and readers. I think she said 60-plus people entered the swap. Plan was, we'd each make a doll quilt and send it to another participant, who'd send her quilt on to the next, then on and on. (so not a direct one-on-on swap). We had one month to make our little quilts.

So---LOOK what came in the the mail last week. For me!?

All the way from Australia, imagine that. This sort of thing could never have happened without the Internet and blogs.

Here is my little quilt, made by Dorothy in Australia.   

Is it not so adorable and so very perfect!

I LOVE Basket design/ pattern quilts.

Dorothy used different Civil War repro fabrics in each of her tiny 4" blocks. And note how all her points match, how perfect her hand quilting is.

I love how she did her label....

 Dorothy also sent me a lovely card and a very sweet hanky with AU wildflowers. I am sure it will work is way into a project, Dorothy. Thank you so much, I will always treasure my tiny Baskets from Australia.

Right. Lucky me. :-) Picture me squealing and jumping for joy.
Meanwhile I had to make a doll quilt for my swappee. Oh I was so excited! Lori said it was okay to use my antique blocks and antique fabrics as long as they fit the mid-1800s parameters of the swap rules.

I was/ still am/ very inspired by the antique blocks recently purchased from a dealer friend.  I  dithered, I sorted, I wondered: who is my recipient? Will she like this? Or maybe this? Is this more authentic, is this prettier?

Yes I made three little quilts.....

The first is made of approx 6"? Evening Star blocks. I loved these fabrics, the florals are probably preCivil War.


I  used a wonderful 19th century block on the back, for the label block.

I am putting block names for Mel, who always asks.
 Pls feel free to correct my guesses here, I can't find my blocks book
*Churn Dash*

But then...I had the Blues out on my table.

"Snowball with Nine Patch"
I used my favorite of the antique blocks on the back.

*Anvil/ Shoofly/ Old Maid's Puzzle*

I hand quilted hearts in the large white snowball patches.

But then...I thought, Are either of these authentic enough? They're stylistically  true to form for antique doll quilts, which were often made of leftover blocks. But they weren't true miniatures, exactly And the blues could read as any era, even though they were part of the collection of 1800s blocks.

Back to the stash... Tiny Nine Patches, only partially sewed, with cheddar, oooh. And aqua. And homespun. The little squares are tiny, finishing about 1.25".

 I used larger blocks for the backing.

*T or Cross or Temperance*
* Modified 9 Patch/ Ducks-in-the Pond?*

It looks very much like an authentic doll quilt, I thought. But is it beautiful? What if the swappee doesn't like prim?

I used a pdf image freebie from Barbara Brackman's blog for my labels.

I sent my recipient, Jill, the original Evening Stars quilt. It is, I think, 16" square.

Maybe the back is even better than the front?

Jill says she loves it, that is what counts!

The Nine-Patch Cutie will be for sale in my etsy shop if you are sad you didn't get a  doll quilt like we did. I suppose I could part with Blues, too, if someone really loves it, please email me. Pls note it has been washed but has age stains which I liked and didn't try to remove.

Thank you, Lori, for such a fun project. Thank you, Dorothy , for sending me a beautiful tiny treasure of a quilt.
I enjoyed every minute---the planning and making and the exciting anticipation.

BTW, for my non-quilter friends: which is YOUR favorite [of my three?]?



gone to the beach..................



Note: May 1st: all doll quilts from Lori's swap are now on her blog, here at Humble Quilts. Scroll to end for posts of the little quilts.


  1. I sure do love it! I have it in my living room and admire it throughout the day. I have showed it off to several people and everyone loves it. The other two you made are so sweet as well.
    Thank you! Thank you! And, thanks to Lori for having this swap!

  2. I got my parcel too and was as excited as you were and I love the quilt I got. Your quilts are divine especially the antique blocks. The one on the back of the blue quilt, the shoofly- Oh gorgeous! how could you part with it. Can I drool! All the quilts are beautiful. This has been a great swap and I'm so pleased you like yours.

    1. Thanks, Dorothy! The Blues--well, I do love it, but I have another Blue and White Snowball block. And I love to share , so I *could* sell the Blue, or make another one?

  3. My favorite is the one you sent to Jill, though they were all very cute, as was the one that you were given. Lucky you!

    The ocean looks beautiful.


  4. LOVE the little quilts. The basket one is absolutely wonderful and I adore the little cheddar and blue one.:)

    1. Seeing all the doll quilts has been so fun. I am going to be making more.

  5. What a fun post. Dorothy is an award winning quilter with a fantastic blog. You are so lucky to,have one

  6. Have a really hard time leaving a comment today! Anyway, lovely quilts and swap.

    1. I m having problems with comments too, Dawn. Blogger glitches. Thanks for visiting, I ll have to track down Dorothy's blog.

  7. You know I love looking at all the quilts! And you already know my favorite is the blues. I think Dorothy's quilt is adorable and I love that the baskets have flowers in them! (And Dorothy is from *Oz*! Just struck me today, LOL!). I'm very happy to hear that Jill liked her stars quilt, too. I hope Lori puts up photos of all the quilts and that you share the link, as I'd love to see all of them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I believe Lori will have a Linky party, so everyone can show and see all the quilts. Next Friday, on her blog Humble Quilts. I ll put a link here for my readers too.

  8. Lizzy I love all your quilts but the one you sent Evening Star was my favorite. The quilt from Dorothy in Australia is priceless. Wow. You are a lucky girl and yes I can see you jumping up and down with excitement. I would have been too. Now, if only I knew what you look Like.

  9. son todos preciosos

  10. Jealous as ever! I had Dorothy as a swap partner and have a precious little quilt in my house that I treasure for her as well. I adore all the little quilts you made!!

  11. i think sending the star quilt was a perfect decision. it is very sweet. who could pick. although a quilter but not a regular with you here. tho i did just add you to my feed. is the back of the tiny patches where the pink is on the sides. that is my favorite.


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