I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Spring shming as Susan Branch says on her always pretty and amusing blog.
Hi everyone.
You may recall that spring is my least favorite season here at the beach.

It is a season of grey rain, grey wind, grey sand. It is tedious and endless...and freakin' cold.  Give me a brilliant winter day anytime instead.  (snowless, if possible, please!)

The occurrence of spring, disappointing as it may be, does not stop me from looking for birdies or bringing pseudo-spring into my cottage.

Birds: St P's Day has come and gone but no Oyster Catchers are here. Is it too cold? Or are they afraid of the giant nasty trucks?

The Canada Geese are waddling around in smugly happy pairs...no babies til May, though. This is last year at the golf course.

And yesterday in the ugly locust tree---birds arrived.

I got very excited, Is Mr Mockingbird back? But no. Some sort of adorable pink and brown sparrow-y birds.

House finches.

One even had a rosy butt spot just like this. [google images]

As for indoors---the trick is lots and lots of flowers. 

Even teeny tiny bouquets are cheering.

Cut hyacinths always amaze me. These are such a gorgeous blue.



Pots of tulips on the blue bench.

Baby daffs. Pussy willow...


Cut bouquets of daffs and tulips.

My forced tulips bulbs in my found-on-the-curb blue delft pot froze and rotted. Too cold this year. I plan to try again with Lily of the Valley. Maybe by the time they grow and bloom spring will actually arrive? (late May?)

Optimism is my middle name.



gone to the beach



ps L@@K! after all thse years Google/ Blogger has restored my photo enlarging ability. Let's hope it lasts!


  1. Beautiful! And tomorrow is the first day of spring! Hooray!

  2. The beach doesn't look too grey, but I'm glad you have the flowers and birdies to lift the mood. Beautiful photos.

    Lily of the Valley were my Grandmother's favorite flower. I once dug some up from my parent's back yard and put them in a Ziploc to carry back to CA. By the time I put them in the ground, they were pretty much a lost cause. I do, however, have chives growing throughout the lawn that apparently were stowaways. I could buy a packet and start from scratch I guess, but they wouldn't be as special. I wonder if they would even be happy in this climate? Let me know how yours fare.



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