I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hello, everyone! Is the current thaw making lots of MUD at your house? My shiny clean stairs and entry hall are already smudgy, big sigh.

Anyway! The best cure for winter doldrums is retail therapy---a day of thrifting with a best friend.

We went to all our usual spots, plus a new shop I found during my seemingly endless rounds of recent medical appointments.
Such a pretty shop! More of an antiques shop than my usual junking/ thrift spots. Note the perfectly robin's egg blue little table in the window. Oooh.

Very fun holiday things. All holidays...wonderful Valentines from many eras including the delicate honeycomb paper kinds.

Some Easter, some Halloween. And lots and lots of pretty pink Christmas ornies!

I wanted them all. Note the pink polka dots one! And soft pale pink handpainted floral just above it, on the right.

Some wonderful jewelry, like a charm bracelet with a minuscule jewelled perfume flask. And this rare watermelon Depression Glass, just 4 pieces. I have a friend who inherited a set from her grandmother, I have never seen it to actually buy.

We peeked into another pretty shop nearby. Nope, too lah di dah! (Isn't that sad! Next time we'll go in.) And on to a favorite vintage clothing shop. Here is her fun St Patrick's Day window display. I loved all her shamrock china.

And the little china girl, like an all white Hummel...holding  a bunch of daffodils, with her pet goose by her side. Adorable.

My friend always finds treasures here. Besides clothing there is a wall of smalls.

B found a set of 8 English bone china coasters with botanical paintings of tiny spring flowers on the insides. She has nice wood furniture and can actually use these pretties for her spring holiday dinners, soon.
Sweet spring egg cups, below. Hard to resist.

Not that we'd buy---or wear!---but this shop specializes in vintage millinery.


I just swoon over the hats. Bonnie and Clyde? Gatsby? So pretty...

Then on to the big junky thrift shop, my personal fave. I passed up this pretty Staffordshire plate...

And actually I bought nothing! This beautiful curtain panel is a previous find, the type of thing I look for , either for collector friends/ clients or if damaged to use for my white lavender hearts and pillows.

B got a new-with-tags! cashmere sweater! And a wonderful ceramic pumpkin. Which just goes to show that one should buy ''finds'' no matter what the season. Christmas in March? Maybe I need to go back to the first store for some Valentines? Or pink Christmas balls?

We had planned to try a new Irish pub for dinner. They have a fireplace! And it is right on the beach. But no parking on a Friday night. Typical. So we did our favorite Thai restaurant instead. They now have a liquor license but I am not sure that's a good thing. Saki-kiwi martini, anyone? LOL, we stuck to tried and true food instead:
crispy, delicious spring rolls

pad thai

mee krob

Have a great week!



gone to the beach

above, horrid huge sand movers' tire tracks damaging my beach!
So freakin' stupid!
Happens every March.
                                                                  * * * * *

                  web food pix.
The restaurant was too dark for my camera.


  1. That first photo is just beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing all the pretty, fun things at the thrift stores. Sometimes it's a relief to come home with nothing. Having said that, you should go back and at least buy the pink polka-dot ornament. What a fun day you had with your friend! Priceless.


  2. I love to look and seldom buy. But, that said -- if you see something you really like, you should buy it (within reason) because you KNOW it won't be there when you go back! So, yes, go back and get the Christmas ornaments you liked best!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  3. Hi Lizzy. Have missed you as I haven't been on computer too much other than Facebook where I follow my family. Love the pictures of your thrift store finds even if you didn't buy anything. It's always fun and especially when you do it with a good friend. Hope your health issues are in check and you are well.


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