I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Starfish, Sand Dollar

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Hello! As we await yet another snow storm, I have been leafing through blogland...seems everyone is snow bound, lots of white snowy pix everywhere.
Below an arctic day where sunset began at 2 PM, hence the shell pink sky....

Getting onto the beach is a Gulliver-esque experience. I feel like a tiny creature, tippy toeing over an enormous lemon meringue pie. Will I sink in and---disappear?

Snow usually blows right away, off the sand beach. But the recent combo of snow-sleet-freeze-snow has left a white fluffy crust everywhere. Treacherous. This is the ramp where the walkway through the dunes usually begins, now drifted under.

The sad lifeguard stands...

My poor Map My Walk app showed a pitiful .4 miles walked last week.  Not counting of course seemingly endless trips to the huge supermarket. That's a workout in itself sometimes....

 Only the tidal margin is snow-free. No ice yet despite the frigid cold.

As always, the ocean's edge is worth the effort and the scary  hike. The air is pure and fresh and wonderful.



A rare winterfind, a perfect sand dollar! You can see how its round shape attracts your eyes, as it lies among the small shells and pebbles.

A whelk...and a stray starfish, from my snow pants pocket.




 A few colorful treasures for my window sill...

 Have a cozy night! Let's hope the power doesn't fail us....



gone to the beach....



  1. I would think with all the white outside that you'd want bright-colored tulips indoors! Lipstick red for Valentine's day, maybe?

    Love the shells, I still think the black and white stripy ones that look like pleated skirts are cute. I'm not so sure that I'd go trudging through all that mess to get to the water's edge, though, especially in this cold! Brrr! I hope you're being really careful! Take your ski poles, LOL!

  2. AH, you'e making me feel lazy, going out into that artic wonderland. Here, it is 58 and windy, too cold for my Florida blood, unless I bundle up. Which I may have to do. Although my Fitbit tells me I covered 23 miles in the last 7 days.... That's short of my goal of 5 miles a day. I'm looking forward to spring, too!!!

  3. I admire you for making the trek in the weather you're having. I think I'm feeling inspired to do more beach walking myself. I have no excuses not to--it's only a short drive and the temperature has been in the 70's over the last few days.

    Love your beach finds.--Kelley


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