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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hint of Spring and A Giveaway

Hi! I don't usually do this but my blog recently had a big milestone or birthday! Yes, 500 posts. So in honor of all that rambling by me and reading by you guys, I am having a birthday celebration giveaway. I sure hope someone wants to play!?

Here's the plan. J
ust leave me a comment and you'll be eligible for a chance to win an Anything Goes gift from my etsy shop, see sidebar. That's right, you'll get to choose any item you want, even an angel or a quilt!
[excluded are: the 100 Hearts Necklace and the Sea Stars quilt].
If you tell me in your comment that you follow this blog and how, you'll get two chances.  Drawing will be on Valentine's Day. US readers only eligible to win but I love to hear from everyone.

I hope you'll play!

And now for some Spring time....
A stock-up-for-more-snow trip to the big supermarket reminded to start my winter bulbs. I always get them going on Martin Luther King's birthday since that is usually when I finally get all the Christmas stuff put away.
The market had beautiful tulips. Wonder where they come from? South America?

And these pretty potted flowers. Love the forget me not blue one.

Tiny daffs and crocuses too.

I chose what I thought was a bunch of tightly furled white tulips buds. But No! They are palest shell pink. But I love them anyway...

I was only able to find narcissus bulbs this year, from two sources.

I used beach pebbles to anchor them.

It's hard for me to use my pebbles, I have painstakingly collected each rock and many I can remember finding. They're like old friends! I only keep the most interesting or most perfect, special finds.

But I was out of fake sea glass so the pebbles got used, along with some not so gorgeous real sea glass. All the rocks and glass can be reclaimed after the flowers are done. Just put them in a bowl of Clorox water and they come out good as new.

The paperwhite narcissus should bloom in about two to three weeks.



I am still stuck indoors. It is very icy out. I miss my beach walks, but even if I were so inclined as to brave the cold wind and snow, I somehow injured my leg on the bathtub edge last night! Huge gash---eeeew.  I am hoping no one will say the word ''stitches'' unless they're talking about quilts!

Puppy update: we had to postpone out planned doggy adoption, so sad. The weather is just hopeless here for a tiny baby puglet to venture out. I will try again in March or April....



gone to the beach...



always click photos to enlarge/ see sideshow.


  1. Hi Lizzie Robin
    I just joined Bloglovin yesterday and your's was the first blog that I started following! Would love to win; however, just glad to be able to join!
    Sue McQ

  2. Love the funky beach?rocks at the top, especially the red striped one. Wonder where that came from?

    Sorry doggy adoption got postponed but I completely understand not wanting to do it in this weather! Probably also why I'm more of an indoor-cat person... I don't want to go outside when it's cold!!

    I love flowers but you can keep the paperwhites. I grew them one year and could not stand the smell. So many people say they smell so good but to me they smelled like wet diapers, LOL. Maybe my nose is off, but I've never tried them again.

    It's cold here again today, in the teens. UGH. Wake me up when it's spring!

  3. Lizzy/Sunny
    I love your blog. It almost inspires to be do something besides sit at my computer. I have been walking my beach more often, and gathering ideas for crafty stuff (which I'll save for when I can no longer walk the beach). And I've referred a couple of friends to your site!! Keep up the good work!

  4. CONGRATS! Seems like YOU should be getting a prize for reaching 500 comments! It's always a pleasure to check in and find that you've posted an update.

    All those pretty flowers do put a person in a "Spring" frame of mind. I also like to admire paper whites from afar. Something about that aroma doesn't do it for me. While staying with my sister for a few days I was sharing a room with the pet hamster--I moved him out of the room because I thought he was the source of the pungent aroma. Turns out it was the pot of paper whites! They are awfully pretty though.

    Sorry you hurt your leg and hope you're on the mend and I'm really sorry you have to put off getting a doggie. Maybe the one that's meant for your family isn't at the shelter (or wherever you're adopting it from) yet and that's really why you're waiting. These things happen when they're supposed to.

    Take care, and as always, thank you for sharing with us.


  5. LOVE your tulips!! I've been short on time lately and finding my way back to commenting on blogs. Congrats on 500 posts!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your leg and pray it heals quickly! And I,m sure you do miss your walks along the beach...oh..I know I would... You are blessed to live so close to the water! Oh, I love how you planted your bulbs..they will be gorgeous!! And I'm so glad you'll be able to save your rocks and sea glass!

    I follow you, but I'm sorry I don't remember how I first came by! However, I love your blog!! Congrats on your 500 posts! I would love to be the winner!!


  7. Congrats on your milestone! I just found your blog a couple months ago. Been enjoying it.:)


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