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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunshine and Shadows: November


I love November, always have. It's such an exciting month...the countdown to the festive season begins, the weather changes, the leaves begin to turn.

I love November's weather. The days can be balmy, a final day or two for shorts, a t-shirt, and a beach chair. Or it can be sharp and crisp and cool. The wind almost always blows hard, sending clouds scudding across the sky...light, then dark. Grey, yet golden...

Join me for a beachwalk on this lovely early November day?











Below, my inspiration for today's post: traditional Amish Sunshine and Shadow quilts. The juxtaposition of the light and dark fabrics is intended to create the illusion of sunlight falling across a dark surface. Wonderful autumn colors too.
This is a classic example:

But this is my favorite! Wonderful colors, the khaki and violet, the turquoise center. It is going on my ''someday'' list!



gone to the beach....

quilt photos from Google Images, all other photos by me, at the beach.


  1. What a wonderful walk that was. Thanks! I too just love Nov. So cozy and with the anticipation of the holidays. You have a lovely week. :) Kit

  2. I love the picture where the sky looks rose-colored! It looks like something from another planet - rose sky, white water, bluish-gray sand, LOL. Very cool. And the sunsets are always beautiful.

    I've been kind of cooped up at home, not feeling very good - then when I went out yesterday I was almost shocked that the leaves had changed colors and there were fallen leaves blowing around in the wind! Sheesh, it was like coming out of a time warp! It's kind of pretty here this year. We got rain a few days ago - 4.75 INCHES worth! LOTS of rain, steady and BIG raindrops. Our gutters were running over!


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