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Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Harvest

Hi! You know how I love outdoor markets! This week's farmers market was bustling under the bright blue October skies...

It is truly a feast for one's eyes and culinary inspiration for someone like me who has been Not Cooking for the past few months...

Every fruit and veggie is a gem, not necessarily perfect, but so fresh and tasty...

I got eggplant and heirloom tomatoes for a light pasta topping...

And squash for roasting and restuffing....

I love how the speckled squash look in the similar patterned spongeware bowl, one of my favorites...

Too pretty, with the blue Mason jars, to eat. They may sit on the counter for awhile, little green and cream pumpkins. I call these Delicata squash...very tasty, less meat but less fibrous than acorn squash,  quite yummy.

The flower grower still had masses of summer dahlias...

in deep autumn shades.

So pretty...

I gave my pitchers a rest and used an old stonewear churn for this bouquet.

Pastas and cheese from the Brooklyn pasta man.

This is aged mozzarella, a favorite of mine. Texture is similar to Jarlsberg with no holes, but tastes light and a bit salty, perfect with baguette or croissants for a light lunch or snack.

 I froze the manicotti, but immediately cooked up the wholewheat ravioli with mushroom filling.

I made a ragout from the fresh eggplant--cubed, sauteed til brown. Added diced unpeeled, unseeded tomatoes, some minced garlic, basil and taragon. 2 T of balsamic vinegar, plus a scoop of Splenda [or sugar is okay]. No water, just stir with a wooden spoon, leave it on very low simmer for an hour or two, with lid on but cracked a half inch. The veggies caramelize and retain their fresh picked flavors.
I couldn't live without my le Creuset pot! below

 Add cooked ravioli, toss gently, serve hot with lots of fresh parm.

I wanted to take a picture of the dish when plated, but this meal got gobbled up so fast! I had to ration the ravs! Next time I'll buy two packs, won't I.

Have fun with the harvest! Experiment...enjoy.



gone to the beach....




  1. Good thing I'm so far away or I'd show up every day about dinner time. LOL.

    My Dear One thinks corn a vegetable worth eating. He doesn't eat even one of those delicious vegetables in your dish. I'd have to be restrained or I'd eat the whole thing all by myself. LOL.

    Take care and thank you for sharing your bounty.


  2. Yeah, count Hunter AND me to come to your next dinner! That looks yummy! And the flowers are beautiful. I'm so glad you feel like being out and about again!

    I'd like to see the squash when you cook them, too. I don't think I've seen those around here - but then I didn't like squash until recently so maybe just didn't look.

  3. I ended up just quartering the squash and baking them w/ salt, pepper, dad of butter. You can eat the skins. My stuffed squash recipe is like the link beklow. But I add crumbled sweet Itallian sausage, maybe a diced apple...and I put a 1/2" of cider in the bottom of the pan.


  4. Oh they look lovely and tasty! Kit

  5. Rumor has it everything tastes better and is healthier at the beach!


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