I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dunes, Late Summer


It's October---hot and brilliantly sunny here.

Hi everyone! It is still summer where you are?

I don't think we can call this Indian summer [and is that an okay term nowadays?] since there's been no hint of cool weather or heaven forbid, frost. So I'm gonna go with "summer" even as I walk the dunes and shore and search for signs of changing seasons.

The dunes are quite busy with flocks of birds---blackbirds, warblers, crows, rock doves (mourning doves? NYC pigeon escapees?). Arriving sanderlings, above and below; they will winter here.

In the now flat but grassy outer dune area a small band of maybe a dozen of piping plovers has gathered. Oddly they are snuggling into the hot dry sand as if they are nesting. Maybe they are making their spot for next year?

I know, you can't see them! Their camouflage makes up for their lack of defensive abilities. He's in the clump of grass below the dark green goldenrod, towards the left center.


There have been a few oystercatchers on quiet evenings...October 2nd is their usual final grouping and leaving date. And in the marshes, just a hint of amber is appearing, along with large white herons and egrets. The herons/egrets group into small flocks and always remind me of ghosts in the misty marshes.
 oystercatcher, below with sanderlings and plovers...

Goldenrod is just now in bloom. No bittersweet yet on the marsh verge, did it wash away during Sandy?

The roses continue to flower and scent the air with summer...

The bushes also produce very pretty berries...

though on close inspection I see why no creature eats these prickly fruits...


Softly waving grasses catch to low sun rays...

I put a pumpkin by my doorstep...I am ready, I'm waiting. Hey Autumn! Where are you...?

autumnal sewing strawberry/ c. 1860 wool paisley [sold]



..................gone to the beach


piping plover close ups via my friend M. Thank you!


  1. The 'berries' on the roses are rose hips - very high in vitamin C and a popular ingredient in herbal teas (it's in Ruby Mist). I can't believe how big those are!

    I'm glad you put the enlarged picture of the hidden plover because my internet is being retarded today and won't let me enlarge the pictures.

    Goldenrod is so pretty when it blooms, but just looking at it makes me want to sneeze! Did you know it's pollen makes nearly everyone sneeze? If you saw it under a microscope you would understand why! It looks like a ball of very sharp spikes!

    Very pretty pictures, all of them, and I'm very happy that you're out and about again. We missed you!

  2. Supposedly goldenrod is not the hayfever culprit..its pollen may look nasty but it is not carried in the wind:


  3. As always I love your posts of the birds and giving information on them. I would never be able to remember. Very nice. Fall is coming soon. The leaves are just starting to change here. I hope you are feeling well.......

  4. It's so good to read your posts again and hear the joy in your voice.

    I hope to be joyful in a couple of days of recharging. I'm looking forward to being a better blog friend.



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