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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Faded Beauties

Hi! I LOVE hydrangeas, don't you? And since  I have worked my way up to having   nice small afternoon walk each day---just around my small neighborhood---  I've been indulging in a little snoop and peek at everyone's late summer gardens!

I have a friend who loves BLUE hydrangeas. Only blue...

and since he hopes to redo his garden at some point, I have been watching the local hydrangeas and checking on their blueness. Also their rather spectacular ability to have weathered the salt water flooding of H. Sandy! Where the sycamore trees are all dead, and most evergreens died, the local hydrangeas are as good as ever.

So...they were blue, mostly...in July. This is the above bush, now pink in early September. [below]

What makes them blue? Aluminum sulfate. And then they don't stay blue! here

I'll experiment with mine in their deck pots next spring, because M is not gonna be happy if his blue hydrangeas turn pink.

Even the blue flower heads turn pink at this time of year....

This is the time to cut them and dry them.

I want to fill my favorite stoneware crocks...first hint of Fall? [along with the LL Bean catalog, which arrived today!]



gone to the beach



  1. I think hydrangeas are pretty, but I think it takes a knack to get them to grow and BLOOM here. I know a few people who have but not many... But I enjoy your pictures!

  2. So glad to read that you're out and about.

    I really like hydrangeas, but just don't see many on our little spot on the island.

    Our plumeria are really in bloom. The scent is so heavy and thick. A visitor said, "Did someone break a bottle of perfume?"

    (I do believe I said the same thing my first time here.)

    Take care and I'm sending you Maui magic every day.


  3. Hi Lizzy. The Hydrangeas are beautiful. I have one that was blue when I bought it and has turned pink even though I added the sulfate to keep them blue Apparently not enough. I also have a white one, cone shaped flower heads that are turning pink now. A gorgeous shade of pink. I'll post a picture on my blog. Just love them... Hope you are feeling better every day..

  4. I love these little flowers. Do you have mirabilis jalapa(aka the four o'clock flower) over there? I love the white ones.

  5. I have a pot that gave me 10 blossoms this year. They were pink. Hard to grow them here in Montana, so I am quite proud of myself...LOL I am drying a bunch for Winter. Take care, Kit


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