I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who Are All These People...

And why are they on my beach!!??

Gully seems puzzled too, especially since no one is feeding him.

Well, okay, the crowds aren't really on MY beach. It just seems that way because I am used to just being me, all alone, on the wide expanse of shoreline.

Fourth of July weekend was stunningly gorgeous, maybe the best 4th weather I can ever remember in all my years here...

So the beach got as busy as it ever gets.

And truly they are not on my beach, the people mostly are at the two town beaches. They tend to herd around the lifeguard stands.
My private beach got plenty of use too...as neighbors came out with friends and family. But lots of space, as you can see. It isn't Coney Island in July here.

Here is my daughter's haul of seaglass! Just one morning's walk. No wonder there is none left for me to find later.

I finished one of my doll quilts.

This was a quilt along by Cheri Payne. You'll have to scroll back to see her quilts, as she's on summer break now. here She specializes in prim, old fashioned quilts. I can't decide if it should be tea stained now, or not? [It's awfully bright.] It would be cute for an American Girl doll, or for fall decorating with apples and pumpkins.

Here's my lavender toes. Mel knows why I have lavender toes! Just a fun thing. Next week, turquoise? Melon?

As soon as the people start to leave, my birds come running out.

They are hungry! And they aren't shy of me.

This is the big oystercatcher family from the now-gone dune. The little mama had a very nice brood of three, all big guys now.

Back at the house...put the first load of sandy towels in the wash then cool off and have some deck time, what we used to call cocktail time in Cape Cod. No alcoholic drinks needed, just some cheese and crackers and ice tea or lemonade, while we decide if we should grill hot dogs or call out for Chinese?

What? Sushi? Oh okay....[eeew.].

hope your long weekend was wonderful too!



gone to the beach...





  1. What a beautiful day.

    I've been meaning to ask. What size are the doll quilts?

    Take care and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  2. I like the doll quilt being bright....I wouldn't tea stain it.

    Wow, you beach does look pretty busy! I'm glad it doesn't STAY that busy all summer long, that would put a crimp in your beach walks and we'd miss them!

    I can't believe how much seaglass your daughter found! She must have very good eyes!

    LOL, are you SURE you don't want to try sushi?? I bet there are some types you'd like - not all of them have raw fish.

    The roses in the picture are beautiful! Do they smell good, too?

    Do you remember chiggers? I went outside over the weekend, walked maybe 20 feet across the grass - even washed my legs off as soon as I came in - and still got about a million chigger bites. (okay, not a million....but at least 20 and most in very uncomfortable places!) I told hubby that next time I wanted to go outside to tell me NO! Or to at least use bug spray first...

    Hope you week is as nice as the weekend!

  3. Hunter, the doll quilts usually are anywhere from 12" to 18", even slightly larger, maybe the biggest one was 24"? Depends on the design. They are meant to be small ''prim'' doll quilts not perfect miniatures.That one is I think 15" square. The squares in the patchwork are 1" finished.

  4. I can't get my head around the size of doll quilts. I'd need two pairs of cheaters to get things big enough to work on!

    Quilt alongs - what a great idea! The quilter's version of NanoWriMo?

    :) L


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