I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Honeysuckle and Roses

Hi! Summer arrives tomorrow, isn't that grand! Just in time for Fourth of July...

The afternoon storm has passed, moved off out to sea. Let's go for a walk.

See the funny dots and texture of the sand? That is from the hard drops of rain.

I stop at the top of the dune and take deep breaths of the scented air. I wish you could smell it too.

The air here in the dunes is laden with the aroma of honeysuckle and beach roses. No fancy French perfume can compare with the delicacy of the early summer air. Evocative: summer day, summer day, it whispers.

And look! This is new, masses of beautiful blue violet beach sweetpeas. They never grew here before.

The seeds must have washed up during the hurricane, a little gift from H. Sandy.

The sea grass is finally green and growing fast...

The mallards have rediscovered the summer pond, the dune swale.

Let's walk on down to the shore..

The air here is different. Strongly smells of salt, like a box of Morton's When it rains, it pours table salt. Crisp, clean, so fresh....

The water is exceptionally clear, due to the cold winter and chilly spring...

High solstice tide, washing my winter white toes. No treasures to beachcomb, just the pleasure of a perfect day.

Tomorrow I will pack a small picnic and head down early. Pitas, hummus, tiny tomatoes. Some icy cold lemonade. I plan to enjoy every moment of this precious season, to value all its faces, to stop and yes...smell the roses.

gone to the beach....


  1. Beautiful. My next day off, which may be this Saturday, I'll try to take some photos of a walk on the beach like your walk.

    It'll be fun to see the similarities and the differences.

    Thanks again for a lovely post.


  2. Hey there! Oh how your pics make me so excited to see my ocean again. Soon. I will have to be patient and look at your sea until then. :) Kit

  3. Hunter, I hope you do the post! And Kit can do one for her blog too, when she is at her beach. Very fun, I'll put links here and we'll compare...

  4. Oh, I wish I could smell the roses, honeysuckle, and sweet peas! That sounds so good, especially with rain-washed fresh salt air! Don't you wish you could just bottle up some? Save a little for next winter when you need a lift...? You could send me some, too! LOL, it'd be great.

    Is the water still cold? I might wade a little anyway, get my toes wet.... Enjoy your picnic tomorrow, it sounds really fun! I'll look forward to pictures!


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