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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beach Umbrellas Quilt

Hi! Just in time for summer...I finished my Beach Umbrellas quilt...

I've always loved this traditional pattern but it looked so hard!

 I thought it was made up of wedge shaped pie slices then the octagons would be set somehow into a background of four pointed stars.

But no! The blocks are squares cut into quarters on the diagonal. One simply
string-pieces across both ends.[ see details here].  I collected brilliant pink and orange and red fabrics for years...

this Lily Pulitzer piece, found on eBay was the inspiration swatch, later used for the label...

More thought went into this design than perhaps meets the eye.

The central area of the quilt is the sandy beach, closely dotted with colorful beach umbrellas.

( Google images above. Too close for comfort! Lucky for me I have a lot more space and open sand, below.)

I used four different tan ''sand'' prints, each with beach motifs: shells or sandcastles, or footprints, exactly as you'd see at the real beach....

The borders are the blue ocean water.

I chose a turquoise batik with a pattern of rippled circles, like ripples on calm seas.

The binding is wide, same turquoise, with lime green hearts that are the waves further out to sea....and hearts for loving the beach.

I chose not to use a contrast binding, I wanted to enhance the feeling of limitless ocean beyond the beach.

The backing is a watermelon print batik in my design colors. What says summer days and picnics more than fresh rosy watermelon?

Then Mr Sun, a motif that is on almost all my quilts, somewhere....

The machine quilting was completed by Lori C. at Quilter's Imagination, on eBay. The first person who tried to quilt this top had difficulties with the thick fabrics where the points converge. I almost threw the unfinished quilt away in disgust and dismay! My friend here, Mel, talked me into going out late one night a few years ago, to rescue the discarded disaster.

And now I am glad I listened...



gone to the beach.....

note: aerial beach umbrella pix are from internet.
my own beach is too empty,
lol....no 'brellies.
all other pix by me.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you didn't toss this one out, as it has turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I really LOVE that quilt -- and yes I'm sure it is a LOT of work, but the results will be an heirloom.
    Someone commented that they never heard of anyone killed by lightning while on the beach. It happened here last week, about 1.5 miles from my house. http://tbo.com/pinellas-county/pinellas-sheriff-lightning-blamed-in-belleair-beach-death-b82497161z1.
    So - it happens, just take real shelter when there are electrical storms about, and don't take chances. Here in Central Florida you have better odds of getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery.

  3. I adore (apply French accent here - and I'll spare you my French spelling) the quilt. Perfect for the beach.

    Looking at it reminds me of the days gone by when I was a sun worshiper and took my tiny chair, ice chest, and novels to the beach - where the umbrellas were rented for a song!

    Be proud of the work you put out for us to enjoy!


  4. OMG!! This so gorgeous! The color combo is the best. I can see your vision and it makes me smile :) Kit


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