I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 20, 2013

Foggy with a Hint of Thunderstorm...


Hi! Dire warnings of dense fog and thunderstorms have limited my beach walking recently. Yes I know, at least it is not a tornado, like some of you may be having....

Photos taken in dense fog are often not very pretty....

And I definitely did not want to be a few miles down the beach when---if!--- the thunder began to rumble.

Instead I wandered through my little neighborhood, admiring the flowers and trees that survived H. Sandy. The fiddle headed ferns are so magical, like in a storybook!

I can see where the floodline was because many plantings, even the salt air tolerant kinds, cannot withstand even a little saltwater submerging.

Many hedges have sadly brown and nasty bottoms, three to four feet up for the ground, with just a crewcut of green on their tops. These are some beautiful survivors, planted in a lucky high spot!

When the rain really poured down I worked on my medallion panel for Lori's quiltalong. here 

I am underwhelmed by the results.

The workmanship [mine] is not the best. I think I felt pressured by the fast schedule of the project. My ''just get it done'' mentality was not a positive way to approach the job. I'd rather be slow and have the seams pretty and the points meet?
But I guess I forgot...

It actually looks cuter in the photos. Maybe it will grow on me? Start over? Set aside, or toss?

Dilemmas, but in the general scheme of things, not ...you know...huge.

Hope everyone is safe and busy getting ready for [gasp!] summer this weekend?



gone to the beach....



  1. Keep. Definitely. Or at least wait a while. I have often put blocks away thinking I was going to redo them only to like them when I looked at them again. (My Dear Jane blocks are a fine example.)

    We're our own harshest critics, aren't we?

    What beautiful photos.

    I miss fog at the beach. I used to love to sit on the beach when the fog was so dense that the sound bounced all around. It was often so thick in central California that you couldn't even tell the way to the ocean.

    Take care and I hope you have a great evening.


  2. Keep it, you may find a dazzling idea for enhancing it. it is really quite pretty.

    The fiddleheads are neat. Don't seem to grow in our zone --9/10.

    Fog on the beach is so relaxing and calming. It is hard to hold onto stress when walking in a fog on the beach. (Both literal & figurative)


  3. I think your quilt looks fine! No one else will be as critical as you - and if the teeny tiny maybe mistakes aren't even visible in the photo, then stop stressing! It's cute!

    The fiddlehead ferns are so cool! I grew a fern that came out like that one year, but it gets so hot so quick here they were only cutely curled up for about a day. And they didn't survive the winter, either.

    Do you (or anyone else?) know what the shrubs are with the little powder-puff pink flowers are? The flowers are so pretty! Oh - we lost all the plantings on the south side of our house between the winter and last summer's drought. My wigelea bush, 4 burning bushes, and a maiden-grass clump, plus some old rose-of-Sharon bushes.... Very sad! I don't know what we're going to replant there now.

    In the next to last photo the white sand looks almost like snow! Hope you don't get TOO bad of weather. Here it's been stormy a little but so far we've been lucky and the worst has gone around us!

    Take care!

  4. Mel, the pink flowering thing is a crabapple. They get to be large-ish trees here unless constantly pruned. I dodnt know what the exact kind is...I googled them, lots of kinds of crabapples....I nevr saw them in IL so I am not sure they re hardy for your area. Bardford pears bloom white, so pretty, like the shadblows...and do not have fruit.

  5. Don't throw it out Lizzie. Even if you don't like it, someone will! Make it and give it away, or do a giveaway on your blog. It's lovable in someone's eyes!!
    The blooms are so pretty, the beach not so much when it's foggy.

  6. Keep going. It is bright and cheerful and even if it is not to your liking in the end, someone will love it.

  7. I think your blocks look great so far. The colours are really bright and happy.


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