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Monday, April 8, 2013

Yay! The Porch is Finished

Hi guys! No not an outside porch, The Porch quilt top is finally done.

See! All fifty or seventy or more leaves, finally are on...

I love the birds on the borders...

Probably, lol, you're tired of seeing this project! But I am actually pretty proud that I completed it. It is by far the largest applique quilt I have made.

It was supposed to be done, I think, January 1st? And was a Block of the Month quiltalong with Lori of Humble Quilts http://humblequilts.blogspot.com. Her entire quilt is done: quilted, bound and sent abroad. Amazing.
I will add some button eyes for the kitties and birds and stuffed work ladybugs and bumble bees after it is quiilted. But done, for now.

I am waiting for the backing....

I love this purple calico, but who knows when it will arrive. I've had Hancock's back orders appear as much as an entire year later!

I also have enough of this wonderful mud-colored text print. It goes with the border toile and it is pages from an antique natural history field guide. So I don't know yet....


I made this decorative panel for the back.

Making this ''freehand'' with just some online inspirations, gives me, now more than ever, great admiration for a designer like Lynda Hall who designed the Porch quilt.
My own panel is a little odd. 
The fabrics were bought during our enforced stay in NYC, a whirlwind run through City Quilter.

The colors are a bit off...but they represent memories of the kind friends who gave me well meant, and correct, but hard to follow advice; "You're stuck there in NYC, you should enjoy it! Mini-vacation." In my shock and disbelief following the evacuation, and the helplessness of not knowing when or if I'd ever return home....well, that was hard to do at first. But, you know...quilters love a quilt shop and it was a wonderful day!

Blue birds for serenity, a yellow bird for happiness...

Below is a hospitality pineapple [remembering the kindness when we were given shelter during H Sandy]. Not perfect. But it was fun to make.

This is the inspiration one from Pinterest, an antique fragment? My triangles are wrong, see? I plan to make it again someday. And get it right.

The pink coneflowersflowers were blooming on the roof garden where we stayed in
lower Manhattan:

Also got this crock that day, remember?

And picked up the autumn leaves on my daily walk along NYC's Battery Promenade.

Yes, in hindsight, good times.

There will be a further panel saying:

The Porch Quilt
sewn on the beach
during the summer before
Hurricane Sandy 2012
and in NYC &-------NY
in the winter that followed.
by lizzy dillingham
''Remember the Good Times''
                                                                                 design by Lynda Hall

[printer issues, sigh.]

I also finished piecing the doll quilt from Lori's other quilt along. I fixed the border ripples after I saw these pix!

close-up, but pls remember you can click on any photo for a supersized view...

It gets its batting and then will be set aside for handquilting on the beach when summer comes.

Yes on the beach.
Still here, still beautiful...to me.



gone to the beach....

my feral kitties, my little survivors:

and Stripey

and Gully


  1. I am so totally in love with this quilt! I honestly can say, it is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. Really! Decades from now when you tire of it, I hope you will sell it to me. :) Really! Great job! Kit

    1. Thank you, Kit! That makes me feel so good, I m glad you like it.
      Probably I d sell it, my kids have no interest in my quilts/ quilting....


  2. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors in it, and the energy. You chose such wonderful colors and they are so expressive and gobtogether so well. I just can't get over how gorgeous it is.


  3. It's one of the most incredible quilts I've ever seen.

    The bits of your life you've put in stitch-by-stitch make it even more wonderful.

    Thank you so much for sharing your quilt and your life.


  4. So happy your quilt is done, and it's gorgeous! You'll love it for years! I've enjoyed following along with your progress here, ALMOST like being around to see it grow! I hope someday you do a sketch of a more personal-to-you 'beach porch' quilt, because I'd love to see what you'd put on that! And I'm sure you're not ready to dive into another such labor-intensive quilt yet. But a sketch, maybe??

    Oh, and weighing in with my two cents' worth - I like the purple backing better, although the other print would be quite subject-appropriate! But I love purple... LOL!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Lizzy, you need to write the story that goes along with the Porch Quilt.. sounds fascinating. it is a very beautiful quilt and so many memories built right into it. Too bad your kids aren't into it (yet). There is always hope.
    The Doll quilt is pretty, too. maybe you can include a close up of that one, too? or it is on a previous post that I've forgotten?


    1. Thanks! That's all the doll quilt is...you can click to enlarge & or I ll add a cropped closer shot. It s a miniature medallion quilt.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I feel good about it too now. Yes purple backing unless I have to wait too long! And yes, I ll sketch out a beachy version, Mel. Seagulls on sandcastles!


  7. I'm so excited! I love yrou porch quilt and the colotrs you chose for it! iI think it is perfdect for the beach!!
    Love yrou little abundance quilt too- you'll be able to hand quilt that up quickly.
    The newest madder,? Make it as wonky as you like:)

  8. Gobsmacked. I am absolutely gobsmacked. You have a complete story in the fabric of the quilt. It adds depth to the beauty you created. (And my pop used to say that the further you got from something the better it was - 40 years after college graduation, college was the best time of his life!)

    DO IT AGAIN! (Meaning tell the stories again and again and again!)


  9. The colors in that quilt are amazing!! I love how bright and cheery it is. Gorgeous!

  10. Thinking about you.

    And yep, the quilt is still amazing.


  11. That quilt is absolutely awesome! So glad you stuck with it. And your memory panel is lovely too. Who needs to crochet when one can quilt so beautifully? !!!!! :) Best wishes, Tammy


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