I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hi everyone...
Last week I bought hyacinths again....so rare, only available as cut flowers for a few weeks in March or April. 

This time I was adventuresome! I chose the apricot spears instead of my usual blue or white.

What a glorious color, a pop of springtime for these cold windy days.

I keep my flowers on my coffee table, usually in my favorite large transferware pitcher, yeah you've seen it a zillion times.

That pitcher cost a LOT! A long time ago. It is English, c. mid 1800s. Mint mint mint condition. Sky blue and opaque dense white.

It could have cost as much as 45.00? Or maybe more, like 85.00, I do recall how extravagant the purchase seemed.

I sure got my money's worth.

So anyway the other night I was sitting there, eating a late supper, watching Project Runway...lol, maybe it inspired me? During one of their endless commercials I looked at my coral/ apricot/ peach hyacinths and  thought, That's a really gorgeous color. That color is just beautiful!

Then, I need a sweater that color. That's the PR inspiration, I guess?

okay, I m a little out of date, but trust me
I will never love 2013's emerald puke shade!

Oh yes, apricot. A sweater! Alpaca or silk or cashmere yarn that color.

In..a cozy cardigan?  here 
Botanical Knits: Twelve Designs Inspired by Trees and Foliage
by Alana Dakos   www.botanicalknits.com

Ummm hmm, yes!

I'm a very slow knitter. Even if it has 3/4 sleeves.

It could take me a year. The yarns are so costly. And I am a yarn snob, I love the the hand dyed luxury yarns. Remember the lesson of the $$$ blue and white pitcher! [better to spend on one thing you love than buy cheap things you never use...]

I could get a Lands End cashmere t-shirt instead? here

And really...will I wear apricot/ coral/ tango tangerine/ peach?? Is this not more ME?


Oh well, yes. But....those glorious aprcot hyacinths are calling me:
"See!We're beautiful too!"

Do you have a favorite color? For clothes, for flowers? Do you love all white or, like me, are you tempted by color?


l     izzy

..............gone to the beach

a/n The bombing in Boston is horrific. I went ahead with this frivolous post because if the bad guys can ruin our lives, our simple pleasures, then the bad guys have won. I don't want that to happen.

Yarn and sweater photos from internet...


  1. I love the color of the flowers, but I can't wear that color...tried it once back when I had a tan, thought it would look good...people kept asking me if I felt okay. I guess that color makes my skin look greenish! I tend to wear certain colors - blues, greens, lavenders, and grays - when I can find them. Some years when the colors available are all bright tropical, I'm S.O.L...! The apricot would be a good accent color for your cool blues, though. A chunky necklace, a ruffle scarf, sunglass frames, etc. A wristlet, maybe! Mix things up just a little!

  2. I love the apricot colors, but they don't go well with red hair. I did make a beautiful suit that was a stuff shade of apricot, but that was over 40 years ago. Long since gave that away.. don't think I've worn anything that color since. Maybe it is time to do so.
    Maybe you can combine the apricot and a beautiful turquoise in a sweater.
    And I agree that the tragedies in life should cause us to stop enjoying the daily pleasures our lives have to offer. I think I need to take a walk on the beach tonight - it is a beyond perfect day in my corner of paradise. I hope yours is perfect, too.

  3. YOur Flowers are so pretty.. soft and Simple.. I love the apricot.. cant say I have ever come across apricot hyacinths...& Your pics are so nice.. I love what you said at the end .. ♥

  4. I was just looking for clothes this weekend and noticed all the apricot colors. Can't wear the color, but I love your flowers.

    I can't find enough red blouses. I've never been one to wear red, but I'd love to wear it everyday now. A fun thing about getting older for me.

    I still love royal blue.

    Hope you have a great week.


  5. Your flowers remind me of coral, from the sea. :) Loved this post. We can't let the bad guys win. :) Kit


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