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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Beach...and a Pink Moon!

Hi! A new beach today...new in more ways than one.

I've never photographed the big town beach that is to my far west...it's ''urban'', public and busy at times.
There used to be a real boardwalk here...wonderful for bike rides and street fairs, concerts, baby stroller pushing...

Built in the very early years of the 20th century, a city landmark and prized tow resource. [c.1915?]

The carnival rides were long gone, no arcades or tattoo parlors! [same or very similar view, c. 2012]

Just a lovely access to the Atlantic, best enjoyed midwinter when no one else is around.
But always there..
So when I went to the doctor in early March I couldn't believe my eyes.

His office is right on the beach here. There used to be ramps---to the boardwalk!

Still H. Sandy sand on the street when I took these photos last week...mid-April.

These are the pilings where the boardwalk used to be.


Like some sort of odd Egyptian ruins, aren't they?

These enormous fake berms or dunes were bulldozed here to protect the  town after Sandy, since a further winter or spring nor'easter could have again brought floods.


People are venturing over these mountains!

And there it is, the beach! big and white and waiting for summer...


gone to the beach.....



note: first 2 pix by MH, thank you!
other aerial views and antique postcard via google images.
All other pix by me...click to enlarge!

PS Had to add..just now, 8.27 pm, "Pink Moon"/ April full moon, rising over the beach.

Supposedly called The Pink Moon because wild pinks [flowers] were earliest spring wildflower to bloom in chilly April. BUT it really looks, well, pink! So cool.


  1. Very cool pictures! Is the brick building from the 1915? building still standing? Just curious. I hope they build the boardwalk back, since nearly all the pilings are there doesn't seem like it would take a lot - they must have put those pilings in really well!! The moon photos were great, too - especially since was cloudy here. It's raining today, again...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sorry the boardwalk is gone. I would have loved it, too.

    The area looks so amazing.


  3. Amazing to see the progress that is happening to the beach. Very glad you've taken pictures to compare all along the way.

    I have a hard time thinking of public vs. private beaches. Then again, I only ever went to the public ones ...

    Pink Moon? Sounds like the beginning of a bad novel! :-) (Maybe one I'll write)


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