I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Was in My Pocket

waiting for spring cleaning

Hi everyone!

Hasn't this March seemed endless and grey and dismal! March is a horrid month, in my opinion. And this year I've been kept indoors all month with a rather severe ''respiratory'' infection". lol, NOT to be confused with a mundane cold, I understand. This thing that ''got'' me has involved large turquoise pills, codeine cough syrup, and an very expensive inhaler gadget. And tomorrow, a chest xray.

Good thing [no, not really, but...] the local hospital is still filled with sand and debris from Sandy because otherwise I fear I might be headed that way.
 [Google images photo]

The worst part is that the icy wind makes it hard for me to breathe and the doctor [who looked appalled by my daily winter walking regimen] has suggested I remain indoors or only take short local walks. I know I love the beach but I don't think I understood how much my creativity is linked to my long hours spent idly beachcombing---walking, searching, thinking. [and so if you also read my writing blog, you'll understand its lack of updates.]
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 However before the medical people got involved I did get out, searching for goodies left by winter storms.
 Look at this giant light bulb! Is it new---or old?

All my life I've yearned for the joy of finding an old glass fishing net float. So when I spied this glass thing buried in the sand, I crossed my fingers and dug it out.

Nope. Just an odd huge old light bulb! See its size!
 Keep in mind the plate is like the size of a large serving platter...

I also found this smaller light bulb. Imagine them surviving in the winter gale waves.  Odd items, but inspiring. They can, if they ever dry out, perhaps be tiny terrariums? ''Snow'' and sand filled Christmas ornaments? Something fun anyway.

Then a beautifully weathered, but not old bottle.

Its shape seems so familiar, what is it!?
 An old Perrier maybe?

And a pretty assortment of small junks, tossed into my favorite spongeware bowl.

 The large glass piece, below, front, is old, probably part of a canning jar. It has a dimple on the side where there must have been a wire bail attached.

And interesting 1/2" thick safety glass embedded with now-rusty wire mesh. [Airplane? boat, lighting device ? What is such glass used for, I wonder?]

My kids have perhaps done better than I at finding real treasures.

Note the gorgeous jewel-like lavender old bottle neck. 100 years old, spent washing in the tides.

A c.1900 barbershop shaker bottle-top...still has tiny cork ball.

This Seven-Up bottle piece, what was the slogan?
 Anyone recall? edit: Hunter found the slogan! Yay! "Seven-Up You like it, It likes you!" See the word likes? I couldn't imagine....The link is in her comment at the end.

And a very nice late 1800s bottle neck, pale aqua blue...

and sand dollars...again so fragile....yet they survive.




...............gone to the beach

Shell strings rescued from the deck eaves during Sandy.
Haven't moved since!
And my collection of binoculars....

And interesting local images c. 1926, just a a nor'easter....[I apologize to the unknown source, for absence of attribution].



  1. Please get better soon. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Good thing it's you finding all the great treasures and not me. I can't help looking stuff up. I must stop looking for your 7 up bottle. LOL.


    Thinking of you and sending you hugs.


  2. I'd hoped you'd be rid of the awful infection by now! But some of them do seem to hang on forever. Hope you manage to shake it off soon. I know you miss your beach when you can't get out much.

    The lightbulb is cool! Maybe from a ship? I have no idea what such a large bulb would be for. The glass with wire in it - I would guess a light fixture on the exterior of a ship, maybe? The also use glass like that in security doors and gym windows (or at least they used to). Wouldn't it be nice if you could ASK the piece? Or be a touch empathy and be able to envision it? Or maybe not - might be traumatic!

    Our snow is melting, but we didn't get the forecast rain to help it along. Typical!

    Hope you're feeling better and are back to your old self soon!


  3. I like the green(?) bottle and the barbershop shaker bottle-top. I have never seen sand dollars in my life!

  4. Ahh, sea treasures! Love them all. Why are we so attracted to bits of colored glass? Wow, those photos are amazing. Yikes! Kit

  5. I hate that you have had such a bad time of it with your breathing and all of the sundry things that go with it. Thrilled you are back on walkabout and finding more goodies to share!


  6. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well.. Hope you are now on the mend.. All the pictures you show of the beach and the light/white shells makes me want to paint everything white and go for a light Primitive look in my home.. I know I will never do it but Cant hurt a girl to dream.. I love the string of shells.. Maybe for summer I will collect some shells and put them in a Wood bowl .. ..


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