I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi! Look who came to my house!

The Valentine Bunny? Easter Bunny? He is certainly an adorable  breath of spring on this suddenly frigid day in January.

Bunny is from Olde Farmhouse Simple's Michelle, one of her folk art creations.

Look at that face! I love him!

See his tiny toes! (and beautiful grungy patina!)....

And his overalls! Cute!

He has a sweet punch needle heart. Like a tiny hooked rug...and you all know I love hearts. Michelle specializes in punchneedle pieces. like this group

Michelle makes exceptional primitive folkart and she also sells great Maine rusty musty farmhouse prim antiques. She sells both on her eBay site: here

Here's a neat bluebird make-do: here I have my eye on that birdie!

And another bunny: here (sold but I believe Michelle takes orders)

I always want ALL! But sometimes I just visit her selling pages to enjoy her great photos and funny descriptions.

And now Michelle has a wonderful blog, filled with great prim how-tos, shopping details---supplies and antiques...and updates on her newest creations and finds. It's such a fun blog to visit--if you love primitive Armericana or just want to have a taste of an old fashioned simpler creative way of living...join Michelle in snowy Maine.  Check it out! Farm Simples blog

Oh and from me, here at the beach...a couple of funny little Cupids. Definitely Valentine guys: Cutey Pie and Honey Bunch!

Thanks Michelle! I love Bunny! And he'll have a wonderful home here with my other Spring prims from you too.



..........gone to the beach

pink sand at sunset

                                                       a snowy day

                          another treasured heart from my internet dear friend LN.

blogger update: yay! They fixed the download system! Boo..they still don't allow more than two photo enlargements. Or embedded cations. So pls click on the pix for full screen versions, so you can enjoy Bunny's sweet sad face [not a beach guy, B?] and my snowy sunset!



  1. Beautiful sunset! This little bunny just the most adorable thing I've ever seen!


  2. I love Bunny's face. Cutey Pie and Honey Bunch? LOL.

  3. Liz

    You commented on my blog about the kitty quilt. I got that photo from my pinterest board and it was pinned from ebay. I usually note all my photo's except ones for items that were on sale. I'm sorry. It's a fantastic quilt.


  4. Ooo, what a nice bunny! I love the contradiction of his grumpy face with his bright Valentine heart. Love your cupids too! Have a great weekend! Kit


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