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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Wintery Mix and a Pug Mug

Hi...don't you just hate it when the weather guy uses those nasty words: "a wintry mix"? I think icy roads, freezing rain are just about the worst weather winter can produce. Even snow, within reason, is preferable.

Lucky for me the weatherman was wrong and today was glorious clear and sunny, just an amazing perfect winter day. It was pretty cold, below freezing in the morning, the first hard freeze of the winter, I believe. No wind so I bundled up and off I went to the beach with my new pedometer.
Hmm...it's a very cool tool but I noticed that my steps were about the same as distance walked, say 5000 steps, 5000 feet. Okay I beachcomb but I don't take eeeny meeny mincy 12" steps! My son had set up the gizmo and the software but upon examination I saw he did not set the stride length. And...typically "mom" I have no idea how to fix it. [except by you know, pencil paper, multiplying.] A fix is needed but still is so fun.

Upon my return I was thrilled to see that the mail lady had delivered the new Spring '13 catalog from Hancock's of Paducah. http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/

I toed off my boots, threw my coat on a chair...made a cup of tea and sat right down for a treat.

I love this big catalog, it sparks my imagination [and fabric greed] each time. I pore over every page, searching for the needed fabric or for a new idea.

The catalog has its drawbacks: you can't tell the scale of the prints (I've had some surprises!); and the fabric pictured are sometimes not available for many months, leading to confusing and frustrating back orders.

But I do love these wish books and I am so grateful that Hancock's still takes the time and expense to print and send such a book to its customers.

Shopping online just doesn't create the same experience, though I admit I buy most of my online fabrics from eQuilter's wonderful site. www.equilter.com But I make sure I order from Hancock's each time the wish book comes...gotta keep my favorite  catalog coming.

So....do you buy fabric [or yarn] online? Favorite websites? Are there catalogs you just love! and can't wait for them to arrive, even if your pockets are empty and the bills are piling up? Maybe gardening?
Or lol, Victoria's Secret [ their just-arrived swimsuit issue is so....beautifully discouraging?]...or the sales at Lands End?
Have a cup of tea and tell me!
             gone to the beach...
PS I've had this mug for quite a few years. It was a gift from my daughter...I always feel a little bad when I pour the hot tea onto the darling pug! But I love it and carefully handwash it, no dishwasher for this baby!
Here's their shop on etsy. The cutest mugs, you must look! Great fun gifts that will make the giftee smile and smile!



  1. I loved hearing about your tea break. :) Will have to check out the website. I love getting cateloges! Especially, Colorful Images, labels and holiday cards abound. Kit

  2. Oh, I love your tea break! I'm like you I "love" having those catalogs in hand & relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee and getting lost in them!

    By the way...I just love your mug! 😉

    Stay well and warm!


  3. So many hobbies, so little money...!! I used to collect gardening catalogs - I got about 20 different ones a year... Parks and Burpee and Johnny's Selected seeds; Jackson and Perkins roses (just the catalog was an experience!) not to mention the gadget catalogs. I don't garden much anymore though I'd like to get back to it. I never got into quilting (although I have all the supplies!) and my sewing stuff took over half the basement...then I got into jewelry making - beads and string and wire and findings - and now crochet. Great website for all kinds of yarn is TheKnittingWarehouse.com. You can search by yarn weight! Not to mention by brand name and collections. *sigh* I need a winning lottery ticket or something....

    It was NICE here today - 60 degrees and very little wind, sunny! I finally got my car cleaned out and then drove into town to 'cheat' and go through the auto carwash. Not a great job, but MUCH better than it was. The temperature is supposed to drop tonight and be chilly tomorrow, then slowly warm back up. Weird January weather but not really new in Kansas!

    What *flavor* tea? It looks good. I'm in the mood for some blackcurrent. Yum!

    One of my friends in college had a mug similar to yours with a frog in the bottom. He drank beer out of it and claimed he knew when to stop for the night because the frog would wink at him....

    Love the blog, as always.

    1. Hi! I think the tea is Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Grey , my current fave...but I love blackcurrant, it is usually what I drink. [or Pach but that s hard to find.]

  4. The mugs are so cute! I will definitely feel guilty when I finish my tea and see the cats.


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