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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Hearts

Hi! Is everyone very, very busy? Sit for a moment, come visit the beach....

I made a few Christmas hearts the other day and got them up on etsy. No eBay right now, their shipping requirements are too stringent.

I did rustic burlap hearts...

I loved this fabric but it was too harsh for throw pillows, better used in small projects.

Love the ABCs pattern! And stylish, untraditional  black on tan...

Then while in NYC I picked up a pack of wool squares in shades of reds and rose.

I went very prim here, I wanted that ''penny rug'' look....

I make the Christmas/ winter decor hearts without scent, but I have the nicest woodland Christmas scented oil, to add when requested.

You can see where my buttons go...all those summer days searching for rare carved mother of pearl beauties.

And here's a little red bird, as we used to call cardinals back in Illinois.

I have a delightful customer/ friend who asked me about making birds with wire feet, like these...[isn't the sepia transferware covered dish gorgeous!]...

unknown source

So this cardinal was a prototype.

LOL. I think the feet need some design work, but all I had was a scrap of rusty beach fence wire. He stands up nicely! But he is not adorably chubby, is he. And maybe he's not ''tres chic''?

Hope you're all having fun decorating for the holidays..whatever, whichever, your tradition is. Enjoy each moment, treasure every memory...

wishing you Holiday love and blessings.....




gone to the beach.....


  1. Hi! We are in the midst of a huge snow storm. So pretty! Love all your hearts. :) Enjoy the season. Kit

  2. I think the 'chubby' birds just have less-defined heads... I think your beach wire would work for the feet, but would probably be easier to bend with a few tools. Certainly not bad for a prototype!

    I'm not usually a big fan of 'rustic', but I really like the burlap hearts! Love the color of the wool ones, too, and your hearts are always so pretty!

    Your tree looks great! Haven't got mine up yet. *sigh*


  3. Your home and artwork are so beautiful. One would never, ever be able to tell all the challenges you've faced in the last months.

    You're one of my heroes.

    Thanks for the beauty you send out into the world.


  4. I love the hearts - I wish I could create an I love hearts type sticker for you ...

    The decorations, as always, are glorious.

    So far all I've done is make presents and take the dogs to see Santa Paws ... now will get in gear!


  5. So glad that you are able to get settled in back home now. I know you are all happy to be back in time for Christmas.

    I loved the stir fry recipe. I will definitely have to try that. I usually just end up with curry over rice, but this gives me another option that I haven't tried. I might add Bok Choy with the cabbage.

    Great angels, my SIL would really love them! And the hearts are so nice, especially with the mother of pearl buttons. I'll check out your etsy page.



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