I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, November 16, 2012

Beach Treasures

 Hi! The ocean brought treasures..in a ''make lemonade out of lemons'' kind of way.

I love finding old bottles...

These are  NOT antiques but nicely seaglass-weathered...

One of the neatest finds is what we think is the ribs and keel? of an old boat! Very old, perhaps 19th century.

I had utilized the shipwreck as a photo shoot prop before I realised what I was seeing! Looks like a spine! The huge heavy nails once attached cross beams, like the one holding the bottles. A lower hold deck? Note that I am guessing here....

A larger ship was rediscovered on Fire Island after the hurricane.

from Newsday's Facebook page

Then there's all this great driftwood!

I am restraining myself but...

a fish?

Cool coffee table? The piece on the left?

And a pair of rusty jungle bells and striped angel-stockings knit fabric, for my winter-y dolls.

Amazing to find such a tiny bit of usefulness, isn't it?

Here's a little cutie captured at the edge of one of my landscape pics. I've never seen a squirrel this close to the dunes.

Other creatures:
ALL the kitties came to visit. First night only mama Kitty came, next day the whole gang. I was so happy to see them.
They don't like the kibble I brought them though!? I know...they are waiting for their Nathan's hotdogs, who knew feral cats could be so spoiled and finicky?

No mockingbirds yet, and no flock of spotted sparrows. I am enticing then with seeds and dried berries..and hopeful.
[I fed the kibble to the gulls and crows at the beach...]



        gone to the beach

Self portrait on dune

PS be sure to scroll to previous post for after storm hurricane pix! Below....


  1. Amazing what shows up on the beach ... long ago things ... recent things ... recycle-able (sp) things ... hoping enough things so you can all rebuild your lives.



  2. Hmm, I wonder if your ship parts are part of the one on Fire Island? Of course, your part of the world has been settled much longer than mine, so probably there are lots of lost ships and boats around there! Very interesting - is the 'coffee table' too heavy to haul home? The bottles are cool, I see someone's deck rail, not sure what the other ribbed thing is, it looks like a washboard in the picture... The driftwood piece DOES look like a fish! Wonder what it was? Has anyone 'offical' come to look at your ship bones? Please let us know if you find out more about it!!

    Glad your house didn't contribute any of the driftwood!


  3. So happy to see you are home Lizzy!!!

    Loved hearing about the vision of your area and the building of the dunes and plants! A lifesaver for sure!!! ((hugs)))

  4. I love the blue bottle.
    And the squirrel's bushy tail is so cute.

  5. Lizzy, so glad you are "home" again. Love all the treasures you are finding, and I Love the Fish too. I agree, it does look like one. Will you do something with it?


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