I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sometimes It Rains


 Hi! Oooh, nasty weather---a grey and drizzly October day. It looked chilly but was 70s and muggy, no breeze at all.

Had to get out though, and check on my birds....

From my windows it looked like foggy light rain...

 ....but it was a soaker, I was wet through. My slicker did nothing, even my camera's waterproof case, in my shorts pocket was sodden.

Most of the oystercatchers were gone, as scheduled. Only this little guy remained. He is not fully fledged, poor guy; a late hatchling; he also limped!

Later I saw his parents with him; they must have stayed behind when the flock left this morning. [How do they know it is October 2nd?!]
Treasures were sparse. A driftwood piece for angel wings. It's a well-worn keg base, see the circular hole in the middle?

And a sprig of beach heather!

Ours is white heather, not purple.

Back home and into dry clothes, and the first hot cup of tea of this autumn. I just stocked up on these yummy teas from a favorite shop in Cape Cod.

Some work, some play...ugh! the slipcover washing. Not a task I like but the result is so fresh and clean smelling [Yay, Downy!]...

And finishing up some hearts for etsy...

I LOVE how this batch came out. Over the top but so precious.

And Baby Boo...I am waiting for her dress fabric to come from eQuilter....

Then some baking to make the house smell nice! A pan of raspberry oat bars.
Oats, flour, sugar/ Splenda/ butter...

Raspberry jam and frozen berries from the August farmers market.

Another layer of the crust patted gently on top....

Yummy! easy!

And I made a big bowl of autumn slaw: cabbage of course...

apples and brussels sprouts....

Julienned the apples..

Added raisins, celery, and store-bought dressing....

Since I am busy with projects and fall cleaning I didn't want to cook a big meal....for dinner I had the slaw with croissants and wonderful Irish butter cheese. Th kids added chicken cutlets to their plates.

Raspberry bars for dessert!

An excellent day. Including the rain...

Hope your day was good too?



.............gone to the beach


  1. The getting-soaked part didn't sound like much fun, but the rest sounded nice. What flavor teas did you get? The heather looked like it might have some roots - are you going to plant it in your 'yard'? Or just enjoy the flowers for now?

    I saw a different type of sachet the other day, similar to your hearts but when they were finished they looked like large strawberries. I intended to send you the link - and if I can find it again I will. I thought you might like it for something similar but just a bit different to make for your shop.


  2. Oh, yum. I'm working on healthy eating and getting stronger. All your food looked delicious. I just bought cabbage for slaw. I've never put in brussels sprouts, but I'm going to try it.

    You always have the be posts.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. - Say Aloha to your Ranger and Anthony for me. (Yep, this is a hint. Not subtle, but a hint none the less.) LOL

  3. You can come to my house to cook! I'll give you my 'heart'!



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