I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 27, 2012

Completing Summer


Hi! One of my internet friends recently asked me if I ever get tired of the beach.

[maybe she is tired of my beach posts!? lol]...and I had to think about it. But really I don't.

I think part of the reason is that I make sure I bring plenty of things to entertain myself. When my kids were very small I usually drew or painted in my nature journals...not as demanding, not as much prep time needed, as handquilting or applique.
And that taught me to really see the beach and all its details, waves, shells, creatures, birds, grasses....

I yearned to be a professional painter...but was not good enough.

In the past couple years I've been quilting at the beach. The light is of course, without compare. Move over, fancy sewing light gadget!

Here are my Porch blocks for August:
Two simple blocks [the basket will have the quilt's completion date, later....]:

And this guy! I LOVED how this looked when I cut it and set the pieces out to audition them before sewing. Isn't it cool, a huge sunflower. I though Maybe an entire quilt? But OMG, all those points to meet at the center! Once is more than enough.

I finished both of these small quilts, binding and all!
Pink Lemonade, from Humble Quilts 2012 quiltalong.

Pink Lemonade

back of Pink Lemonade

And the Beach Baby quilt. Probably I'll hold onto it and list it next spring for a summer baby? I plan to offer to applique the baby's name...it was designed for the name to be pieced in and I think needs it?

It came out much better than I thought. And better than this photo....
Thank you, Mel! For making me not toss it out!

And my Kitty in the hollyhocks got her bluebird!

Here's Stripey, the feral daddy cat. Kitty the mama cat is the black cat on the quilt....

And this is a substitute section for The Porch quilt. I was tired of baskets and did this crock instead. My mom's beloved Steamboat Springs Colorado crock....Yes, it's very crooked! That's what happens when you sew in a 40 mph gale. I'll fix! Really...

And more beach...and a few birds...



...............gone to the beach...

all pix except sewing tote taken yesterday, Sunday August 26.


  1. I wish I could do beach posts as well as you do. I can't believe how little I'm going to the beach lately.

    Your quilts are so lovely.

    The county has given our school a half price booth at the fair. I'll be crafting like a mad human until September 27. (I'm glad to have an excuse.)

    Take care and please don't stop your beach posts. It helps me remember what's down the road. LOL.


  2. I love the beach posts, too. Remember "Bewitched"? I wish I could wiggle my nose and pop in to wade for a few minutes once in a while! I think my feet would love it! And maybe I could see your projects too... Or invite myself for dinner (or to steal your leftovers!).

    Stripey is cute - I guess not so afraid of you anymore! I had to grin at how *long* a body you gave Mama Cat in the quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt finished! Will it get a place on the bed? I like the crock better than a boring old basket!

    Carry on, dear! We love looking over your shoulders!


  3. Your blocks are amazing! Love the long cat and the crockpot!!
    Yay! On the completion of your two little quilts!!

  4. Your blocks are amazing! Love the long cat and the crockpot!!
    Yay! On the completion of your two little quilts!!


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