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Monday, July 23, 2012

July "Porch" blocks and a Question

Hi! Did anyone get rain? We got black clouds  and just a few sprinkly drops. I just lugged lots of watering cans-full out to my deck flowers.

I finished my Porch Quilt blocks for July! This has been so fun. I am really  enjoying doing the primitive applique, I'd forgotten how much I like the handwork. Easier, in many ways than hand-quilting, which requires two thimbles and a lot of exact-ness.
I may even dig out my neglected Lighthouses blocks and do some work on them.(Only lighthouses I've actually been to see...I draw a simple pattern from a photo or postcard.)

Nauset Light, Cape Cod MA

Anyway, here's July Porch blocks:

 The birdie's eye is just tacked on there to remind me. Cute, huh?

Now my question: which binding do you like for my antique Baskets quilt? You can click on any photos to enlarge them.

It's all done and got stalled because I didn't have a great binding for it.
We have [in first place, my favorite]: a double blue or Lancaster Blue tiny calico. (all are repro, sigh.)

A close second, a dusty turquoise calico. [I love it but the quilt predates the design of this cotton, which is rather 1930s-ish. Repro, so doesn't matter?

Double Pink?

I might use the one above or a more traditional like this: [not sure I have enough.]

Black and white gingham, in a slightly larger scale, 1/8" maybe?

I also have a vintage turkey red calico with yellow sprigs, my original choice. But I decided I really don't want red. It's an option though. It's the same as this basket, and it is vintage/ antique...red ground.

Now remember we're not just picking our favorite fabric, we are deciding which sets off and finishes the quilt best? What do you think?

Oh and I finished this little guy! From Cheri's blog here...

Handquilted, bound, name embroidered badly....It will get a label with  designer info and date included.

brown chintz-like floral backing

Remember the sawtooths are only 1/2"...it's so tiny! I love it.

See ya soon with some maybe yummy farmers market foods and/or a pickle update,lol.



gone to the beach


  1. the quilt blocks are very nice...i felt the green on the border because on my computer the baskets don't look quite as dark as the pink and blue and the eye would always be distracted by the brighter color but the green sems right.
    can't wait to se the lighthouse blocks. for me quilting is too tedious.

    i am in N.E Pennsylvania and tonight the storms went all around us. on Friday we had 1.34 inches and 2 days before that almost 3 inchs from thunderstorms.

  2. I like the dusty turquoise calico. You're making me want to bust out my quilting again.

    You are such a bad influence. LOL.

    Beautiful work.


  3. Your quilt blocks are so very lovely. My sewing skills are severely lacking so I can't imagine all the handsewing that goes into each one but definitely think the look is so much nicer than precision work by a machine. Nice that you are able to draw from a photo and then translate to fabric. I'm not good at color choices -- have every color in my home, but can't even seem to coordinate colors for crochet projects. :/ Have a great day! Tammy

  4. Hmm, I like all of the colors....but if it was me, I'd use the black and white. It will frame the quilt but not distract from the lovely little baskets. The dusty turquoise is nice too but I like the black and white best.


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