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Friday, June 8, 2012

Strawberry Market

Oooh!! Deep breath...June, strawberries...their heavenly scent filled the alt air of the farmers market this week.

And other than pickles and cheeses---strawberries, asparagus, and baby lettuce is about the only local produce we have in early June.(Must have been a hungry time for Pilgrim-types and pioneers? Before the early crops produced?).

I loaded up on fresh ricotta, strawberries..and of course asparagus. The farmers' stalks are not as perfectly sized, all thin, all fat! as the supermarket's but oh so fresh and sweet.

I hope to make a risotto like Tammy suggested, clipped a recipe just the other day. Arborio rice [fragrant], white wine, chicken stock...toss in the asparagus and some arugula at the end, lots of black pepper and Yum!

But for now I did a fast easy stir fry, the asparagus, a steak, slivered, a Vidalia sweet onion,lots of cubed tofu, green onions. Stirfy sauce, peanut butter, ginger....

Noodles on the side, made with green onions and sesame oil...for those of us who like a bit of pasta any time.


And..oh my! pink peonies. One must have pink peonies...in June.



................gone to the beach....

PS I saw the baby plovers tonight! On the beach. They run so fast I couldn't get a photo...


  1. SIGH.
    You do know how to live a wonderful life.
    Happy Saturday.

  2. Yum. The strawberries are great here, too. I love when it's time for them.

    And, as always, your decorations are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your treasures.


  3. Oh now I am definitely hungry....LOL Everything looks so delich! Kit

  4. Oddly, we already had strawberries here and now what they are selling isn't worth having. The asparagus comes from Holland and is so tiny. But the pack they sell is just enough for a good pot of risotto with mushrooms and parmesan. Yummo! It's like grown up mac & cheese. Comfort food at its best. Have a great day. Tammy


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