I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's official! Summer is here. Memorial Day to Labor Day is the beach summer...who cares what the calendar may say!

I am always disconcerted by the arrival of ALL these People! This is as crowded as it gets...hmmm.

My birds and I were ever so slightly annoyed. Well the terns were very annoyed, dive-bombing and squalling.

They're here.....

black skimmers...they are a bit calmer than the terns.
But very large!

The noise of the jets sets them off, lol...

No flea market, but I picked up a few thrift shop goodies:
A nicely cracked and crazed marmalade crock.

 My mother collected these sparingly, preferably with marmalade inside, from Stop n Shop!
Then she'd fill them with pansies or zinnias.

A big mill spool, for my antique laces.

Except my kids have been muttering about mom's clutter so maybe the laces will go back in their bin!

And a couple thrifted shirts, for the fabric. For the Porch quilt? The pink can be tea dyed and/ or bleached, and I loved the big stars...

Not very cost effective way to add to my meagre stash of plaids and stars though. There's maybe a half yard of usable fabric here and at 6.95 per shirt, that just doesn't pay. That's almost $14.00 a yard. So no more of that!

Have a wonderful holiday. Happy summer...



.......gone to the beach


  1. Wish I could spirit you here for a weekend or somthing. I'd get my friend Susan to take you thrift-shopping and garage-saleing. She can find the darndest things for like 10 cents each! You'd love her!

    I'm still hoping you'll make a "beachy" version of the porch quilt. It would fit your much better!


    1. Huh. My reply disappeared...anyway, I d love to come visit! I should be resisting temptation tho...and yard sales!


  2. So people do show up at the beach. I thought it was all yours all year long. :/ My family always complains about all the stuff around here. They say there's no room to move or walk. Such is life. Have a good week. Tammy

  3. The air show brings a few people out, if they live within walking distance. Parking is very limited. ...after this weekend, it should be mine! all mine....

    PS your risotto sounds delicious, gotta go see
    if you put the recipe on your blog...



  4. I LOVE the lace! Your kids don't know how much it can do to snazzy up something (even if it is just on the inside and no one sees it). I used to love to put lace on the bottom of my hems before I'd turn them up ... even on jeans, it made me feel pretty.

    *sigh* the younger generation isn't necessarily the better one!


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