I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flea Market Blue and White

Hi! Did you all get to the flea market this weekend? Any treasures?

On Sunday the weather was glorious, that soft, puffy seaside air, not hot at all.
Sadly the flea market---this time the "big", or original market, was also crammed into the tiny new location that has all the charm of a, well, run-down asphalt train station parking lot. I guess these changes are permanent, as the nearby storefront church has been complaining about the market taking its parking spaces for years.
But really? It's a huge public train station and I for one do not see why this small church's wants/needs are more important than the rest of the tax paying world's. Besides the new fume-y shade-less cramped conditions, there is now nowhere legal to park since the market is on the parking lot! Again, not much fun to shop when you're thinking about a ticket, or worse, a towed car.
(Do towns tow on Sundays? Who knows?)
Can you imagine hiking to your car, toting your treaures, hot, thirsty, tired..and oops, No Car!!? Not good.

Probably after this coming week I won't be going back to these markets, it's just not fun.

I did get a few small goodies. More because I felt it was my last trip than because of the wonderfulness. The dealer count is way down, and the ones left are the sock and tool merchants, not the real antiques dealers.

An annoyed lady sold me these adorable tiny toy pitchers. The one on the right, below, is one I've had for years, it says Japan. So now I have three, I guess that makes it a Collection?

Late Victorian to mid-20th century? One is marked Japan, on the left.

I don't know much about toy dishes, I just like them because they are such cute minis of the large Staffordshire china I collect.

This one, from Japan---notice the fairly complex multi-shaded design. (The small plate behind it is very old Wedgwood.)

And this one is such a perfect tiny version of the bigger ones. I think it is perhaps

 The same woman sold me these chandelier crystals.

If my etsy clients don't like red Christmas icicles (eeew?)...I 'll resell these. The dealer held her prices very firmly and assured me these are very valuable! Huh. She also snapped at me "Do you work?!" as if my offer, only 5.oo less had insulted her career as a flea market seller?

Then, because the road home was due to stay closed til 3PM I had to kill some time or go home via the very long route.  I went to the thrift shop...it was busy but airconditioned and calmer than the flea market's overcrowded chaos. A few finds:
Nantucket basket....

From the 1990s but so pretty, nice color, and well made ( and American, not from China). For knitting or sewing carrying.

And this pretty Haviland-style large platter. It says Austria nor France.

I mostly bought it for a photo prop for my lavender hearts..and it can go back tot he thrift shop when I tire of it. There the price was right !

Sorry the pix aren't too good, my camera hates dull dark days and nighttime shots.



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  1. Maybe the flea market vendors and shoppers should complain. If the parking lot belongs to the train station, how could the storefront church claim them as 'theirs'?

    Which brings more money to the town, the church or the flea market?

    Things may change back if the market starts to disappear!

    LOL, I look at the red chandelier drops and see jewelry, not icicles, so I'm not much help there.


    1. I started to say that the train station belongs to the Long Island RR, but I guess the parking lots belong to each town. And you re right about the church! Actually it is a permit parking only commuter lot, and the tags to park there are quite $$$. 200.oo a year? I could see if the commuters complained, but what the church has to say, no clue. The ''alternative mkt'' is run by the Jewsih Center! And it is quite far from the church, they used to use a lot way down the road....so? It's a big staion and there are two central lots by the station building, ticket booth. Those are not used by either flea mkt or the church, just train users, and there's plenty of free spaces there on a Sunday, if you have a permit or pay. The big market is run by the Lion's Club, I am going to try to write, email the oraganizers to complain.
      For all we know the head of the town council goes to that church or something,lol. It s sad tho bec I did love going....


  2. Such lovely finds! You always share the best things!!!



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