I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seaglass Bottles


Hi, everyone! This post is for my etsy customers who are asking for more seaglass bottles. But I hope everyone  will enjoy seeing the year's finds....
Since my beach has recently been swept so clean (part sand rake, part flooding, plus high winds!) I've been playing with treasures saved from fall and winter. Quite a nice collection of found bottles here. Most were gathered by me, from the tideline of the iwntery beach, a few are beachcombed but flea market finds...meaning some other lucky beachcomber found them and was willing to share.

The first set is from my beach....neat older Bacardi rum bottles, two sizes. Plus a plain "relish" jar, left; and a tiny perfume or cosmetic bottle. [small old chip on lip].

These are palest green, mostly. The cosmetic bottle is clear, possibly will turn pale violet in time?
The 1862 marking is not when these were made! It is the Bacardi rum logo...

Then this beautiful set of three large pale lavender bottles.

I believe bottles that  naturally turn lavender date from before 1910, I think 1890-1910 were the years the mineral that reacts to sunlight (manganese? magnesium?] was added as a clarifying agent to American glass.
The large simple round bottle is 8" tall, , has a hand-finished lip and ground interior neck. Just gorgeous. All show weathering and are slightly fogged in places. Condition is wonderful.

The flat bottles are patent medicine bottles, one is plain, the other says:L.M Green Bros. Woodbury NJ.
All three of these bottles are still darkening and becoming more violet, as they stand on my sunny windowsill.
Maybe someday?
*** This photo looks more lavender than current state,
tho they are darker than the above picture

Another group of clear glass finds, again, mostly from the beach here.

The small 1/2 pint cream bottle on the left  was dug in Illinois by my dad, many years ago. It has a faint lavender cast to it. It says Borden's on the back, has an eagle on the front.

The pretty pressed glass bottle on the right is a Manischevitz bottle, the pattern, if one looks closely is a Star of David....

It is wonderfully weathered, a true piece of seaglass. And the large flask [center] with the crown says David Smirnoff, so it's a vodka bottle.

Last is this pretty flask, oddly painted white inside when found! It is NOT milkglass. But nice....I've added  a lavender prism crystal and hemp cord.

The cord will be wrapped more completely. These are "in work" of course.

All will get another good wash and then their final seashell stoppers will be chosen. So the final shell or starfish may vary from what is shown.

Most of the liquor flasks are what I 'd call a pint, or half pint. They are sometimes marked and say 375 ml.

Prices range from 15.oo to 60.oo per set. I regret I can't offer free shipping to blog friends and in fact all shipping prices include very careful packaging and insurance. I want these one of a kind treasures to arrive safely!

These will appear on etsy soon, so if you  love any of them, tell me and I'll finish them up and send them ASAP. Wonderful for summer home decor, or Mother's Day , Father's Day gifts.




.....gone to the beach...


  1. Nice bottles!

    Hmm, wonder if the one that's white inside was used to store white paint? I can't think of why else anyone would paint the *inside*...

    Do you think the one with the neck that's been ground inside was once a decanter? I've noticed older decanters had ground necks, and the stoppers were ground to match -- pre plastic or rubber days, I guess.

    Nice haul, I'll look forward to seeing the finished pictures!


    1. Hi Mel! I believe the bottle with the ground neck was an apothecary or pharmacy bottle, not a decanter for liquers. Decanters for drinks are usually fancier. The plain bottles held liquids like glycerin or rose water or whatever, and people would bring their small jars to be filed by the chemist. The tiny bottle in the first group also ha a ground neck [so yes, both once had ground glass stoppers]..and it says some sort of SOAP on the lip.

      Finding a stopper is very rare, I think I have two or three from the Elizabeth Islands off Cape Cod...


  2. beautiful bottles Ms. Lizzy once again your photography is wonderful to gaze at.

    love margaret


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