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Friday, April 6, 2012

First Flea Market

Spring is here---now it's official. The Sunday flea market opened last Sunday.

Of course I was soooo excited, my little Coach wristie filled with flea market bucks, my heart filled with hope. So...huh. I got there pretty early, the day was grey but no wind or rain, many cheerful buyers...but a lot of the dealers were already packing up to leave! Why? This market was always so fun because of its relaxed atmosphere---unlike many markets, it stayed open and busy til 4 PM most weekends. I hope that doesn't change....

A few finds...isn't this crock great! Big! 6" high, 9 1/2" across, a half gallon?

I never saw a pink rimmed crock before! LOL, I finally realized it is supposed to be RED, for Red Crown Dairy.

Looking it up on line, I found out the dairy was located in Long Island City, in Queens, NY, in the 1890s. These crocks---cottage cheese!---date between 1890-1920.

I love the graphics, the lettering...and the stern warning on the reverse! It says: MUst be returned On Demand. Not to be refilled under penalty of law. [!?] Uh oh.

Those old dairy guys took their crocks seriously, didn't they!

I just knew it should come home with me and be filled with Easter pansies. Wonder if the no refills law applied to pansies?

The pansies were another market find, always adorable! How to  choose?!

Then I grabbed this beautiful blue graniteware colander.

Not old, but the color!

It got used immediately to hold tiny quilt squares, but I think it should be filled with Easter grass...and eggs...and a bunny?

Happy Easter , happy Passover!



gone to the beach.....

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  1. Hi Lizzy. So glad you got to go to the flea market. Love the crock and the pansies in it as well. You are off to a good start this year.

    Sorry I have not posted in a while. Just too much going on right now. I'm on spring break this week so maybe some art will come. Keep up the good work. Still love your blog posts.


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