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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Great Candy Corn Debate?

Trick or treat!
We're gonna have snow? Is this a trick? 
(more on Halloween snow in a moment) but first...

Candy corn! This post was inspired by a blog on etsy. The esty blogger wrote about how much she hated candy candy corn as a child.

Who knew? I adore candy corn...though I've never offered it as treat for my ghosties and goblins who come to my door. (I tend to go with Reese's and Hershey bars, I just leave them in a basket tied to my doorknob: "Have some goodies" ---I've never quite figured out local T & T customs, the children may come any day, any time!)

But I always buy candy corn. It's so cute, so Halloween perfect.

I love to fill a few old mason jars with its festive happy glow...

It never occurred to me to choose sides, lol. When I was a child my mom was very much into healthy eating. No candy ever in our house,and cake only at birthdays (and my dad was capable of serving only half a cake! and freezing the rest for another birthday, later in the year.).

So I was beyond ecstatic to get that pillowcase full of candy each October. I pretty much liked any candy, as long as it wasn't licorice...

Candy corn was a definite fav, right there with the Reese's Cups and Necco wafers.

I also always loved the candy apples, caramel apples, popcorn balls and Rice Krispy Treats that some moms made for the neighborhood kids.I thought making the treats was sooo cool. (It was considered okay to take such treats from moms we knew.) My own mom was like: You gotta be kidding me! No way!
Oddly my children don't like candy at all...must be genetic, via my mom?

Now back to the Halloween snow! How is that possible? I had to go out tonight and bring in my palm trees off my deck. Okay, I thought : "frost"...never imagining.

I remember one snowy Halloween when I was about five. This was back in the Midwest, where it gets colder earlier, but still.
I was Tinkerbell!
 I was adorable.
My mom made me a tiny green leafy dress about the size of a swimsuit. I had glitter green little shoes with pompoms and bells...and a hilarious (I realise now) mask with the face of Disney's Tinkerbell, including a brown rubber topknot, like Tink's hair! Oh and---I'm sure I remember correctly---palest green gossamer wings! And yes! A wand! Fairy dust! I believe!

Well it snowed...a lot! Heavy slushy frigid deep October Midwestern snow. I had to wear snow pants under my mini dress, a puffer parka and snow boots. The wings, mask and litle green slippers stayed home.

I'll never forget the disappointment.

The candy corn helped...maybe a little...

So tell me: What was your favorite Halloween treat? Most hated?  And best costume?
(And psst! Did you do tricks? Like, uh, soaped car windows, rang doorbells, or what?)



gone to the beach....

Here's the link to the etsy blog: The Candy Corn Debate

And for the doggy lovers out there, especially lovers of pugs, you must look at this etsy shop here...you'll laugh, I promise. Pugs rule! Perfect litle goblins!


  1. I like the little hearts you've added to your Fall collection. Haven't seen any candy corn around here this year. I like the look of it, but don't eat it anymore. I did see on a blog the other day that they used it to make homemade Butterfingers. Sounded yummy! I loved Necco wafers, Marathon bars and bottle caps -- at Halloween, there were always those wax lips or bottles filled with liquid. I wouldn't even put one in my mouth now, but they sure were good back then. Reeses have always been a favorite, but I don't buy them anymore. Try to stick with dark chocolate if I want a treat. One year we did ring doorbells and run. I don't have vivid memories of costumes growing up - just the time I dressed as a hobo with friends. We always made our costumes, never had anything store bought. We had a dust storm roll in today. :/ Stay warm over there. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I always loved dressing up, and my mom liked to make treats. We didn't trick-or-treat in the country because our *nearest* neighbor was 1/4 mile away! Instead we took homemade goodies to our neighbor friends.
    In my early 20s I dated a guy who had a brown belt in tae kwon do. He broke his leg on Halloween jumping off a 2-foot tall doorstep ringing a friend's doorbell & running. OMG! Take care! ~~Melody

  3. I adore candy corn! Its like my go to for "happy". Hope all is well and oh yeah..loved the pictures especially in the jars..sigh now i need to go buy some, heres hoping my daughter stays out of my stash...we always tp'd trees of the teachers..love, margaret...stay warm girlfriend!!

  4. Hi Margaret! and everyone!
    The jars...if you dont want to run to a flea mkt looking for old jars, there s a spaghettit sauce that comes in real Mason jars. I use them too...if I am being compulsive I paint the lids white or turquoise with my handy can of Rustoleum spray paint, but it's not neccessary. And the sauce is okay, not like homemade but ok. You can also get Mason jars at Home Depot or Michael's Craft store, but I like the freebie spaghetti ones.

    love lizzy [yes google makes me post as anony,ous on My Own Blog! sigh...]


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