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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Flea Market

Big sigh! I just can't seem to get the hang of this All White look.

Etsy's front page today featured a wonderful seller called all things white (will the blue font here make her shudder?) and I so admire the vision and discipline that goes into creating a shop, an environment, a world that is all white....
My excuse is that all white---and even more so, the new soft pearl grey-flax tones---wash out when faced with real live authentic Atlantic Ocean sun just outside the windows.

So my very fun and successful flea marketing yesterday...well, you'll see it is so not white. (another big sigh) ....

More transferware!

In polychrome browns....

Sepia with [fake?] hand-colored accents....mimicking early 1800s ware....

...not very old, mid- 20th century? 1920-40? If I was a true collector the patent date and bottom stamp would tell me when the pattern was first produced,

 ...but I'm instead just a sucker for old china in interesting colors!

Not in great shape. I actually like the cracked pieces, and their one dollar price tags, since I am not buying these to resell....

Love the  japonaise influence, the birds, the geometric ribbon, very 1910, I think. So perfectly autumn, too....

Then a very very new--but appealing unusually large stoneware pitcher.

The shape is modern, the glaze is modern, the price was verrry small. I love the traditional cobalt blue swirly flower!

And It will look great in my entrance hall filled with bittersweet...or red oak leaves.

This blue bowl is, to me, a find!

Again the price was low (20.oo, a splurge for me, but...) a primitive blue treen [wooden] dough bowl!


Whittled out of a single log.

The blue paint?

Hmmm...there is wear on the ''ears" but would you stain a bowl blue if you were going to make dough in it? So I am not sure at all...the dealer (cellphone guy!) was unsure, no provenance etc.

But I guess if it was real and old and 19th century from Maine or Vermont, it would have cost a heck of a lot more.

baby dresses for angels....

 I love the fine detail of these early 20th century tiny gowns...

And lots of nice useful linens! Tea towels...heavy homespun!

A piece of cheddar feedsack print....

And note the fun faux-French market tea towels from Target!

More white lacy linens for hearts and doves...

Iit was a wonderful market, even though I forgot to hunt for---white. (everything here total cost less than 40.oo! except Target tea towels 3.99 ea.)



 ...............gone to the beach

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