I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Late Summer, Stormy Night

Hello! We are having the most gorgeous storm right now! I just got to the end of the boardwalk right before dinner, and a flash of lightning sent me scurrying home.

Took its time but wow!
Clouds dark enough, sky green enough that I reviewed tornado procedure with my kids. Because ya never know....Yes, they bear it with scoffing looks and just barely-there tolerance, but if, heaven forbid, someday, something goes wrong, we'll know what to do and how to find each other.

For those of you who like recipes, I made farmers market artisan ravioli ...

(classic cheese and whole wheat portobello mushroom filled) with sauteed fresh summer veggies [yellow squash, green onions, garlic cherry tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli], a dash of white wine, a dash of fat free half & half cream, the juice of one lemon, herbs and pepper, and the rest of the feta.
Not qute as colorful as I'd hoped but it tasted great....

Salad of dark green baby greens with lemon-tarragon dressing. And I made some simple sauteed herbed chicken strips for those who don't eat carbs.(Best sliced thin and tossed onto individual portions of the veggies-ravioli thing.

Earlier I photographed the late summer hydrangeas. What a flower!

The oncoming storm made the air so steamy, my camera lens kept fogging up. I kinda like the effect?

I love watching the big flower heads form and change all summer...

Every color appears as they morph through their summer lives...

Same shrub as above, 2 months later:

Look at this pink! I'd say it needs some blueing to return it to its original sky blue, but how can I deny such a happy, enthusiastic ---neon!---pink?!

And, sigh, sky blue...

violet blue .... 

old rose....

my favorite late summer colorway....so softly subtle.
Id love a room decorated in these shades, all velvet and silks...
some brushed khaki twill, some burlap?


 Easter egg mix:

 baby blue...

such perfect "lace-cap" specimens!
they were once delft blue and cream stripes...?

Enjoy the last days of July....Have a great weekend!



gone to the beach


  1. aww lizzie, its perfect; your words and pictures just flow together. if you ever think about a cookbook or a photography book, please keep me in mind.

    thanks for sharing all your thoughts and the memories you are making.

    am honored i am along for the journey.

  2. We've been having some beautiful storms here in the desert of California as well. I find there are times I want to go outside, forget I'm a 'mature' adult and run through the rain. Unfortunately, the humidity is enough to remind me being an adult might not be so bad. :)

  3. RSE: THat 's so cute! I remember playing out in the rain, back home in the Midwest! It was great...here on the east coast we rarely have summer rains with no lightning (which makes being outside unsafe)...but I love to walk in the rain the rest of the year......




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