I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Hi! I hope you all had a lovely holiday?

Here at the beach  despite the weatherman's exuberantly positive forecast, Sunday the third dawned grey and drizzly! Not so fun for the beach, so after waffling around for a bit I decided to go to the summer flea market.

This market is held in a train station parking lot (yeah, lots of rural charm there! not...) and sometimes if it's rainy the dealers set up under the raised railroad tracks. It was actually a fun market and quite busy. Maybe it's good when there are less dealers, more time to browse?

I picked through some guy's table full of random jewelry.

Found my usual supplies stuff, you'll be seeing these pieces on my next batch of hearts probably!

...though some are intended for winter holiday hearts. I loved this batch of vintage paste and rhinestone bits.....

Then a few pieces of china: Isn't this adorable!?

Maybe for  my beachy table? It could hold butter or a Camembert or pickles and radishes----
And yes! It's Tiffany! New of course.

This is a funky shaped "slop" bowl (for tea dregs)...19th century  Staffordshire mulitichrome transferware. Copeland Spode.

I love when the interiors are decorated. Usually that indicates an older date of manufacture too. And---violets, how sweet is that!

This little bowl will be so cute in the fall with shells or brown seaglass or handfuls of acorns and dried rose petals...or maybe it will hold a small bottle brush Christmas tree.

And! One of the most fun things about this market---and being chronically late to visit--- is the leftovers/ junk pile, aka Trash...All Free! Someone left this gorgeous handmade butt basket!

Wonderfully prim!

And huge.
Handmade, with natural textured branches and weavings....Not very old, but I believe it is American artistsan work, just so beautiful. How could anyone throw this treasure away!? Lizzy to the rescue!

It looks even better now that I've given it a bath. What a beauty, free, free, free!

Any fun flea markets or outdoor antiques shows by you this summer? Any treasures?
Have a great evening, I am headed off for my evening swim....



all the big ships lined up, waiting for work to resume after the holiday!

........gone to the beach


  1. Hi Lizzy. I've missed our notes to each other.
    So happy you had a wonderful trip to the flea market. Sorry for the weather. Love the pins and things for your hearts. And the dishes too. Love Tiffany. Always have. This is a precious plate or bowl. As for the basket, I could see it full of yarn. All pretty colors. Or your gorgeous hearts for the Christmas season in reds and greens. I know whatever you find to put in it will look great.

  2. Sorry about your weather ... but I'm glad you've got such great flea markets!

    I think the arrow (looks like it goes through a circle?) would be perfect for a valentine's day heart ... did Cupid misfire?


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