I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Miss Grumpy Cheers Up

What, what?! Memorial Day? The pool is filled, the lifeguards are in their highchairs (oh you know what I mean, although they do seem younger every year!) High. chairs.
With a view.

[Because out of towners always manage to drown each summer, sigh.]*

It was hot, it was muggy, there was thunder and lightening. Many people appeared on my beach!!! Eeeew!

my pale winter feet
I don't know those people!

Summer is here? How is that possible? Did we not just buy pumpkins? X shopping days til Christmas? Snowstorm alert, better stock up!
I'm not ready! I didn't piece---or even cut out---my planned winter quilt project! Nor did I paint the living room....
I didn't buy a new swimsuit yet. Or flipflops!
I did get these awesome beads, to made a special summer necklace, just for me:

From Kristy at Seashaped: one is a grey beach pebble! The other is two slivers of seaglass!! Check out  Seashaped 's etsy shop, her pix are way better than mine! I want every single thing in her shop. Awesome, perfect....

Time seems to fly these days.


So I must be having fun.

The good news is, lots of my hearts were sold! Yay! And thanks! Don't they look so adorable in their travel outfits and tags?

now back to my summertime rant:

*Please only swim near a lifeguard stand (with lifeguards on duty); pls don't let your kids wade in rough surf, especially at dusk. I think 22 people drowned on my area beaches last year!

*Please respect, and teach your kids to respect, our shorebirds and other marine creatures. An ancient horseshoe crab is not a football for drunken teens to hurl around. The birds have babies to protect and feed...it's not easy, is it, parents? Let's have some empathy here. And human intruders give seals panic attacks; then they get sick. The tadpoles in the swale are infant endangered spadefoot toads...let them stay and live; no neon buckets please.

*And stay off the dunes! They are a fragile ecosystem that protects the rest of this tiny island. Your kids don't need to climb them and build a fort.(And there are ticks! Lyme disease, so...please.)

*Take your garbage home with you.


Try to be good guests. You're sitting, uninvited, in my usuallly pristine front yard!




           gone to the beach

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