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Saturday, April 23, 2011

All My Eggs in One Basket

Well maybe not all...

Happy Easter, Happy spring to everyone!


Do you all decorate a lot for Easter and/or spring? Now that my kids are beyond the Easter Bunny age I don't decorate much for Easter most years.....

I love my collection of speckled eggs and old peeps, the fluffy Easter toys, not the candy marshmallow kind. I often find the old chickies inside the vintage papier mache eggs, relics of a long ago child's Easter basket, now treasured again, by me.

The eggs are a mixture of real, blown and dried eggs from the flea market, some hand painted robin's eggs from my mother,

...and plastic eggs from the craft store...[yes, plastic. I love the colors...]

But this year, since I have been finding the German papier mache eggs now and then, I decided I'd get out my collection and display them this year...

Recent flea market finds...

Often the best time to buy holiday collectibles is off-season, like don't try to find great Christmas stuff in December.
I found these two last fall...Turquoise! my fave!

And this cutie!

He came from one of my favorite etsy sellers: Joan at Anything Goes Here. Here is a link to her wonderful blog, telling about this adorable tiny red bunny egg and companion chickies eggs. They just had to come join my admittedly humongous collection here at the beach.
Here's the small egg from Joan with a similar large egg from a local antiques show (The big guy cost a fortune, geez...)...

So....Uh. Um..I opened the bin with the German eggs last week. OMG, I must own every old egg on the east coast!

These pix are just a fraction of the group.

I was a bit astounded. I think they reproduced in the bin! Each big egg held three or four smaller eggs...

Most are pre-WW2 German, a few date from my childhood and some from my first year in NYC when I lived near a once-long-ago German neighborhood...

And sleeping at the bottom were my bunnies!

I especial;y love the white homespun ones...

Bee Happy! Spring is here...soon?



 gone to the beach.....

PS Be sure to check out Joan's blog Anything Goes Here. The photos and display ideas are wonderful! And her collections, oh my! Lucky for us she shares them, on her blog and in her shop! Her shop link is on her blog, so you can see even more treasured finds. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Lizzy, my boys are 12 and 15 and aren't much into all the Easter traditions anymore. It was different when they were little so I don't really decorate now. You have a wonderful collection of eggs and the decoupaged ones are just beautiful. I enjoyed your post on Earth Day! It is really so sad the amount of trash that is created by each person. In this country, most people still throw their trash on the ground, out the window, wherever they are at any time. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. On the Today Show yesterday there was a family who is living without creating any garbage. Can you believe someone wrote in and said that family should not be held up as a model of what to strive for because life is meant to be filled with pleasure??!! As if creating garbage brings pleasure. I didn't get that at all. Most people just don't want to put in the work and thought it takes to be mindful of what they are doing each and every day. I could get on a soapbox too. Anyways, I hope you have a blessed day. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Happy Easter...now this is one amazing post!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. You do have a wonderful collection of Vintage Candy Container Eggs. These are the most I have ever seen and I know you said you had more!!

    Thank you for mentioning your purchase from me and for linking your readers to my blog!!!

    Happy Easter, Joan@anythinggoeshere


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