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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lavender 'n' Lemon Bunnies

Oh man! Today was cold and grey and drizzly...tomorow it may snow?! Is March going out like a sad little old man? I decided to stay in and begin my spring cleaning---demented, I know, but the endless drifts of fine sand get to me after awhile.
And since it is supposedly spring, today I have lots of bunny hearts to share!

These cuties are filled with lavender and lemon verbena. They make your spring-cleaned closets smell so nice....

And of course they look so sweet in a prim bowl...


or basket....

They make a fun gift for  your BFF who swears she is too old for chocolate (is that even possible?)...

And I used my very favorite vintage bunny buttons...

Treasures from the Cape Cod button lady's stash at the thrift shop by Luke's Fine Liquors on the marsh....Our Lady of the Cape Church shop?

Yes, it is a perfect set up there...you end your thrifting day at the shop (by 4.30!), pick up a bottle of wine at Luke's, and head to Paine's Creek Beach to relax in the late afternoon.

(Just a few sips or mix with seltzer! Please drive safely!)

So...do you guys spring clean? This is probably non-pc but:  I wash every surface with Clorox! What about you?



~~~~gone to the beach~~~~~~~

PS Most of these hearts will be in my etsy shop or on eBay by the weekend, come visit? And if you love the hearts but aren't a bunny person, I can have antique MOP or vintage-y plastics instead......


  1. I love your little bunnies on these very colorful and cheerful hearts Lizzy. They are very inviting. I have never mixed my lavender with Lemon Verbena but I will have to give it a try. It sounds delightful!

  2. So beautiful hearts!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


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