I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Beach Day

Today was nice...
cold wind blowing but bright sunshine and the snow is almost gone!

Last weekend we had a bit of a thaw! One morning I  looked out at the ocean...and saw  one solitary intrepid sailboat scudding across the frigid ocean! Amazing.

And today was so  perfectly sunny and bright, the sky stays light til almost 6 PM!---well, instead of going fabric shopping I decided to walk on the beach....just me, alone. But not lonely...only the sanderlings (sandpipers) for company.

Back home at sunset for some hot peach tea and a bit of blogging!

And just look at these waves! Surf's up, Kansas style! From my friend Melody, who had another blizzard this week....

wind waves, surf's up, by Melody

More surf, KS-style. Wind sculptures....

snow surf, by Melody
Have a great weekend!
Many thanks to Mel for her cool photos!
[the other pix :shells & flowers are by me]


.......gone to the beach


  1. Spring is on it's way but you would never know it from the pics. Awesome interpretation of the surf though. Really nice Lizzy.

  2. Love your photos and blog! I love the water and all things beach. Your blog is like a fresh breeze off the ocean ~ newest follower. So glad to have found you.

  3. Love your blog! It's simply beautiful!
    Went to the beach just yesterday! Finally
    a sunny day in SW Florida.

    Flora Doora

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the blue transfer platter grouped with the ironstone and twigs. ~~Sherry~~


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