I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Update and Some Blog-keeping

Hi! I loved everyone's comments on cabin fever!
(more on comments in a moment...).
I think I especially agree with Kit who said she is still in the mood to enjoy the quiet time of winter. I do love winter...

and heaven knows I have LOTS to do indoors!

Besides cooking and cleaning, yuck!
Here's a little touch of whimsy in my snow-picked branches...

And I managed to get one try-out block of my doll quilt  together  last night. Keep in mind that each block is only 5 inches when finally done. Again I struggled with Lori's instructions ( sorry, Lori! I know it's me, not you!).Those darn Flying Geese! She had us cut them 1 3/8 " but they need to finish 1" so I for one needed more seam allowance, Lori! I'm glad I made the try-out block...and I think it's cute, don't you?

Sunday's flea market was small but fun....

But ...BUT...I miss my beach. As often as I can I put on ALL my winter clothes (or so it seems) and waddle like an overdressed toddler down to the shoreline.

Snowy dunes...

And, look! Ratty was out! He's our resident muskrat who washed ashore last spring in the big storm, we think. His burrow is in the swale, now frozen, of course.

Sea ducks, probably scoters or mergansers? (and a big ship 10 miles out at sea)....


Ice forming on the tideline...  

 I felt so refreshed. Until, last night, 3AM, my eyes popped open and I checked the temperature readout on my monitor. It was 7 degrees at that hour and I remembered that I left a gallon of Clorox in my car, because I had so much other stuff to carry in. Uh---what do you think the freezing temp of Clorox is??? (13*). If it froze then burst, the bleach would ruin my Jeep! I bundled up and trudged out into the 30 mph wind.


It had not yet turned to ice-bleach, lol! And all was well.....

PS The blog-keeping bit today: my web browser won't let me email you guys directly, it is sulking. So I can't respond to your comments unless you leave me your email as a comment. I won't publish the email addresses, I promise, so send them alone or the rest of your message will be removed too because that's how Blogger works. OK? Your interest and comments mean so much to me, so if you haven't supplied it already, I'd love your contact info.



gone to the beach...........


  1. I had to laugh, I did the same thing with 4 cases of coke! Left it all in the back of my Jeep (what kind is yours?) and my daughter took it and drove all over for the day when it was 5 degrees. I was so nervous and couldn't wait to get my car back and unload it. LOL By the way your quilt square is lovely! Email to follow. Kit

  2. It's a good thing you remembered the bleach! I shudder to think of the mess it could have made if it had frozen. That plastic is pretty thick, so it may not have burst?

    Your beach photos are so pretty! We see pics of sunny, warm beaches so often, but rarely do we get a look at the stillness of Winter. The subtle colors and peeks at wildlife are a treat to see.

    I LOVE your little block! Your fabrics are just beautiful. It has the charm of a vintage quilt lovingly sewn by a Mom or Grandma for a special child. My finished geese units were less than 1", but once the blocks were together they were 5" finished(5 1/2" units).
    Keep going..it's wonderful. :)

  3. I would have gone out to get the bleach too Lizzy. I love your little quilt. It is full of all those little pieces and I can't imagine doing that. Patience is key and you have it.
    Let's hope for spring soon.


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