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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer's Glory

Today is the last day of summer 2010...the equinox will roll in around 5 PM, followed almost immediately by the rising full Harvest Moon and Jupiter!

Of course it is in the eighties, hot, hot and sunny here. And my morning glories finally decided to raise their beautiful blue faces to the  last sunrise of summer.

 I know morning glories can be invasive, though they are hard to grow here at the beach. I grow them only in containers and deadhead carefully to avoid scattering seeds.

Isn't this the most perfect sky blue! Burpee's Heavenly Blue, a vintage classic, on the right.

And I think the other one is Flying Saucer,on the left.
There are also a few Moonflowers, they bloom in the dark!

And a "volunteer"..an unusual purple, growing out of my deck.


(Is he invading my house? oooh!) Great color!

And here on the dunes...the last hopeful sweet rose of summer...


Welcome autumn!



   .....gone to the beach


  1. I love morning glories and they are invasive! They have choked out my other flowers in the past!

    I have never seen anything like the pale blue morning glories you have, they are gorgeous!!

    Happy Autumn!


  2. Oh so pretty and so worth dealing with their nature. I have some of the vibrant purple ones, they come up each year and I just love them. They are my husbands fav flower. Kit

  3. I sure never knew morning glories could be invasive. Hard to grow much around here. I should try and get some morning glory seeds to plant during the Fall. That's our growing season as the summer is just too hot. I LOVE you zinnia flower shoot. Wow! Amazing colors. My 11 year was just saying how everything around here looks the same all the time. Not much color or life in the desert. Those zinnias sure would bring a bit of oomph to the scene! Hope you are having a great day! :) Tammy


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