I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long Hot Summer....

Late August and late summer doldrums, even at The Beach...

You know it's hot and tiresome when the biting flies chase you home from the beach and the family BBQers say it's just too @#*^! HOT to cook!

My farmers market is currently more about gorgeous fruit than my fav veggies and I have a hard time overcoming my prairie girl's upbringing that, yeah, a peach is nice, but a carrot is nicer, LOL. My mom was not a fruit person at all when I was tiny. She considered fruit worthless sugar and taught us to love our homegrown veggies instead. In her mind fruit belonged in jam or pie and both were relegated to very rare treat status, even though she excelled at creating both. Her raspberrry jam was a delight.

So this week at the market I picked up some small mini football-like purple eggplants, some heirloom, very ripe tomatoes, summer yellow sqaush..and the usual fresh basil, onions and garlic.

Tonight when it was too hot to BBQ or even sit on the deck at sunset, I diced all the vegetables and sauteed them in olive oil. Added the herbs and lots of  black pepper, a dash or two of crisp sauvignon blanc..let it all get caramellized but still al dente in my big blue le Creuset pot.

I served it over tiny handmade artisan ravioli from the gourmet grocery, with lots of shaved Assiago Parmesan cheese from the Italian vendor at the market.

Yummy! Not burgers and beer...but tasty.

What are you guys cooking for this late August weekend? Or are you all just back-to-school shopping and eating at Mickey D's?



sanderlings[a type of sandpiper] now returned
from their brief nesting time in the Arctic.
....gone to the beach


  1. I love veggies too Liz and grow my own in my garden which I have been eating all summer. It looks delicious and sounds delicious. Simple and healthy and tasty. What more could we ask for for good health?

  2. Oh lucky you to have a garden that produces real food. My yard is too exposed to the elements (and the soil is just white beach sand!) to grow much besides hydrangeas and big pots of tropicals on the deck.
    My parents grew enough and froze and canned to keep the family in fresh vegs almost all winter. My dad even had a make-do cold frame for lettuce that produced salads by March...well, in Cape Cod! not in frigid IL, but oh man his corn and asparagus! Tomatoes...sigh.

    enjoy your bouty, Peggy




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